A low cost flexible shaft coupling addressing the requirement for a high torsional stiffness, low cost, zero backlash, single piece construction, beam style flexible shaft coupling.

To achieve these extraordinary parameters, the budgetbeam shaft coupling utilises a very efficient helical beam configuration. The new Budgetbeam shaft coupling provides zero backlash and constant velocity torque transmission characteristics with excellent performance and reliability. Additionally, low radial bearing loads and low inertia are also advantages of the new design.

NEWS - Sizes 19 to 48 are now in stock, bored and keyed and ready to be delivered

These are low cost, no fuss shaft couplings. The JAW shaft couplings are available in steel, cast iron and aluminium and can come with ATEX approval if requested. To suit shaft sizes from 6mm to 100mm or supplied pilot bored.

The curved jaw coupling design consists of an elastic “spider” and two hubs. The spider, made of an advanced polyurethane material, provides dampening of impulse loads, minimizing shock to the motor and other sensitive equipment.

35 years of product knowledge combined with a large stock of Sure-Flex Couplings and Sleeves provides a great basic shaft coupling solution.

With knowledgeable staff always available, we stock and supply the Sure-Flex® elastomeric shaft coupling. The basic coupling uses two cast hubs available prebored or pilot bored and  a proven centre element produced from a elastic polymer, to  compensate for ardous shaft misalignments.  The proven product delivers reliable torque transmission whilst simultaneously dealing with shock and vibration.

Heli-Cal Shaft couplings are an essential connection in any rotary device without loss of registration under load. The original helical beam style product compensates for angular, parallel and skewed shaft misalignments whilst delivering zero backlash, constant velocity shaft through its single piece construction. Ideal for servo, stepper and electric motor connection they are available in Stainless Steel and Aluminium as standard supplied in both metric and imperial bores from 3mm up to 38mm.

The New Spinplus - Light and slim, it is the ideal precision coupling for highly dynamic applications. Whether it is to be precisely positioned, assembled or measured the new Spinplus is the ideal coupling solution.

Lowest moment of inertia and extremely compact - When developing the Spinplus, the main focus was to achieve the lowest possible moment of inertia for the coupling. The unique function of the internal element manufactured through the modern MIM process, allows displacement compensation from one plain.

When the application requires a direct and solid shaft connection and that  shaft misalignments during operation are minimal, then the ABR solid or rigid type couplings can be used. To suit shafts from 6mm up to 50mm in diameter as standard.

A solid compression-type coupling or rigid coupling as it is sometimes termed has no flexibility but can effectively be used to connect two shafts to make a permanent joint. The solid coupling is usually designed to be capable of transmitting the full torque load capacity of the shaft.

When we look at custom or specialist shaft couplings, it is important to remember that it does not always mean a custom price; it can sometimes mean a cost saving. When looking at Flexible Solutions - Flexible Couplings - Flexured U-Joints, one of the greatest advantages of the Helical Shaft coupling product is the ease in which it can be adapted from a standard and into a cost effective, multi-functional bespoke design. It is the perfect solution where flexibility is required for critical applications.

The compact precision coupling with high performance. Semiflex® is a torsionally stiff, precision coupling that is without radial restoring forces. Apart from compensating for axial and angular misalignment, the coupling offers high radial misalignment capacity in conjunction with a compact design. The torsionally stiff coupling compensates for misalignment without restoring forces by means of a unique system of two pairs of parallel links arranged at 90° to each other. The angular synchronisation of the connected shafts always remains constant regardless of the misalignment.

The Control flex shaft coupling has been designed and developed specifically with shaft encoders in mind. The compact design consists of two anodised aluminium hubs and a unique middle element that transmits torque at constant velocity.  Most importantly, the unique and integral torque element accommodates all kinds of shaft misalignment but also exhibits very low parallel, angular and skewed restoring forces, making it ideal for both encoder and tacho use.

Controlflex is easy to install, can act as a electrically insulator between shafts and as standard are balanced for high rpm applications up to 25.

Shaft couplings manufactured from plastic offer an excellent low cost equivalent to aluminium shaft couplings especially where the torque requirement is lower.

This product range offers you a quality range of plastic injection moulded shaft couplings giving high torsional stiffness combined with exceptional durability to shaft misalignment. There are two basic designs called UJ and GJ. Type UJ is for lighter usage and smaller angular and parallel shaft offsets, whilst type GJ, with its two flexible elements, is ideal for medium usage.

Metal bellows shaft couplings deliver, high torsional rigidity, due to the bellows’ radial rigidity and low side thrust due to the bellows lateral flexibility.

Other coupling types have either low windup or low side thrust, but not both. Precision motion control applications require mechanically tight systems, especially between motors, driven loads, and feedback devices, to ensure accurate positioning. Such systems often require shaft couplings that are both torsionally rigid, to accurately transmit rotational position and laterally flexible to accommodate shaft misalignment.

Form-Flex® disc style couplings enable high torque transmission whilst simultaneously compensating for angular, parallel and axial shaft misalignment.

A disc coupling is primarily a high performance motion control shaft coupling designed to transmit torque, whilst accommodating for shaft misalignment. Typical applications include Servo Motor connection . The disc coupling designs can handle speeds up to 8500 RPM, using either the single disc set style or double disc set style. Higher rotational speeds can be achieved via balancing and design modifications if required.

Abssac's X-Slot shaft couplings bridge the gap and offer a cost-effective balance between couplings that are too stiff radially and those not stiff enough torsionally for servo type applications.

The X-Series coupling incorporates two flexible element sets-combining greater end-to-end rotational accuracy with radial accuracy in one design. In durability testing, the couplings have been subjected to parallel offsets of up to five times the rated value and tested to failure. Even when tested for tens of millions of cycles at these exaggerated offsets the coupling exhibited an exceptional performance capability.

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Shaft Couplings

Specifying the right flexible shaft coupling for an application can be a technical challenge for the engineer, particularly as there are also so many designs on the market.  Shaft size, torque capability, angular and parallel shaft misalignment, not to mention material and attachment, all add to the myriad of parameters that narrow down choice.

At Abssac, we pride ourselves on our experience in the specification of shaft couplings whether they are miniature or Industrial. We have a 30 year plus supply chain behind us, to ensure correct product specification. Whether a retrofit part or a new application, our engineers can help you ensure the product choice is right. In many cases our engineers have worked closely with customer engineers to optimise shaft coupling designs.

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