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ABSSAC has a truly extensive range of lead screws, acme threads, ball screws and satellite roller screws along with their associated nuts and bearings. We have been assisting engineers specify the correct linear products for well over 35 years. Our fast turnaround machine shop can supply end journals that are ready to fit directly into your application and help reduce your scrap rates.

Let us help you find the right product for the right price, including support bearings, racks and splines and other related ancillary products. Abssac is also the home of the self reversing screw.

We are passionate about the products we supply and employ the traditional hands on approach to everything we do.

Whether a simple shaft coupling, a universal joint or a complicated torque device, Abssac has one of the largest rotary product ranges on the market . We stock and supply the unique Schmidt Offset coupling range, the extremely adaptable Heli-Cal beam product as well as the complete all performing ASK slot coupling. Additionally, we stock, Bellows, Jaw and metal disc couplings.

When looking at shaft attachment, the ETP hydraulic clamping bushes, allow quick assembly, dis-assembly and positioning of rotating shafts.

If you are stretching the boundaries of engineering design and require some form of rotary or linear solution we can help.

For example, if you have a large load to move in a linear direction, but are limited by physical space, then the satellite roller screw is worth investigating. Perhaps you use traditional wound springs, but require more accurate performance, the machined spring alternative might be of interest. Alternatively if you are looking for bespoke metallic shapes that cannot be supplied by traditional machining methods, the electro deposition products might suit your requirements.  Set us the challenge.

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  • ABSSAC is now the United Kingdom distributor for Helix Linear in what is expected to be an excellent, long term partnership. Helix Linear is a global leader in linear motion technologies. For nearly 50 years the company has engineered the success of its customers in a wide range of markets.

    Helix Linear leads with its innovative design, engineering, and manufacturing of precision linear motion and power transmission systems, focusing on engineering and manufacturing lead screws and linear actuators.



    Ball Screw and Lead Screw Drives

    These Electric Cylinders are built with a precision 300 series stainless steel lead screw or ball screw. Lead screw models include a Teflon-coated screw and internally lubricated nut.



    Profile Rail Linear Actuators NEMA 8, 11, 17, 23

    The PRA is built with either lead screw or ball screw drives. Lead screws can be coated with Helix H10X™ PTFE to increase the nut life by 10X.



    Modular Miniature Linear Actuators

    Helix manufactures three different models to meet the demands of different linear motion applications.




    Rotary and linear motion

    Helix Precision Torque™ Splines are a convenient and efficient product that allows low friction linear motion while transmitting torque.



    1.5 - 50mm diameter assemblies

    Helix manufactures lead screws ranging in size from 1.5 - 50 mm diameter with a wide variety of nut designs and materials. Helix nuts are available in threaded and flange mounts. Anti-backlash nuts perform with zero backlash, and are self-compensating for wear.



    Translating Screw Linear Actuators

    Helix Non-Captive Linear Actuators are offered in NEMA 8,11,14, 17, 23 and 34 frame motors.



    Stepper Motor Linear Actuators

    Helix Hybrid Linear Actuators feature precision lead screws and nuts to produce accurate and repeatable linear motion. Actuators are manufactured in NEMA sizes 8, 11, 14, 17 and 23

  • Slot style high-precision shaft coupling offers high performance at low cost.

    Shaft Coupling

    It‘s the cat‘s whiskers

    cat‘s whiskers

    Introducing the ASK slot coupling which is specifically designed to bridge the gap between shaft couplings that are radially too stiff and those not stiff enough torsionally, making them ideal for servo type applications. Up to 100,000 of our ASK 018BB models are already in use on servo motors applications delivering speeds of 70,000 rpm making them the proven choice with engineers.

    The ASK series coupling offers greater end-to-end rotational and radial accuracy in one piece than other shaft couplings. Ideally the product suits shaft sizes of 3mm to 55mm. The flexible shaft coupling is available in Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel and delivers smooth transmission through low bearing loads, and with long life.

    Available in eleven outside diameter sizes (mm).


    Key product advantages

    • Compensate for parallel, angular, skewed and axial shaft misalignment
    • Lightweight low inertia design
    • Ideal for motion control applications
    • Low cost alternative to bellows couplings
    • No moving parts
    • No maintenance
    • No backlash
    • No lubrication
    • High performance
    • Low radial loads

    By utilising a multi-slot configuration for the flexible element, the shaft coupling can reliably deliver high torque, with high torsional rigidity . These advantages also apply equally to bi directional torque. The ASK shaft coupling is the ideal solution for equalizing all kinds of shaft offset, by utilising a unique slit structure. Not only does the one-part design ensure absolute stability at the highest speeds (>30,000 rpm) and a low moment of inertia, it also enables maximum torsional stiffness to be achieved in the face of dynamic load changes.

    Material: Aluminum alloy, Stainless Steel, Steel and PEEK (Plastic)

    Special designs are welcome. The SIK series has built in torque limiting protection

  • Hydraulic clamping saves time and space

    Hydraulic clamping

    Thumbs up to this easy peasy shaft hub connection

    easy shaft hub connection

    How can hydraulic bushes improve over their traditional, mechanical counterparts? The ETP range has the answers.

    Everyone in every industry needs to save time and space while improving performance. Given this, the traditional mechanical clamping bush suffers a number of key disadvantages.

    The first is that these traditional methods of connection rely on bolts to secure the shaft. This is problematic enough when installing them, but even more so when maintenance or adjustment are required and the bush has to be removed. In these situations, the securing bolts need to be undone painstakingly, half-turn by half- turn. This process is time-consuming and laborious in the best of conditions, but in demanding environments, the time and difficulty involved become truly critical issues.

    The bolts used in such devices also pose significant problems in terms of design. The bolts require that any machine or installation that incorporates them must allow space not only to accommodate them, but also for the operator or technician to access them for maintenance or adjustment. This can add significantly to the machine‘s footprint and can lead to compromises in other areas that reduce the efficiency or performance of the design.

    ETP‘s hydraulic bushes allow quick, easy and precise screw mounting in a multitude of applications by virtue of using a single screw for mounting and dismounting of the hub.

    ETP HYLOC - superb shaft connection


    This ensures an extremely quick and easy service interval time due to easy adjustment of the hub, achieved by the application of the principle of pressure propagation in liquids.

    When the pressure screw is tightened to the recommended tightening torque, the piston has reached the bottom of the bore.

    ETP-EXPRESS R has created a uniform surface pressure against the shaft and hub

    ETP products apply this principle by using a hydraulic pressure medium (usually an inert wax or paste composition) confined in a doublewalled sleeve. This is pressurised using a flange containing one or more screws and a piston with seals for the pressure setting. The moderately-high pressure is distributed evenly along and around the hub and shaft, with the double-walled sleeve expanding uniformly and giving an even contact pressure against shaft and hub - thus effecting locking.

    The self-contained nature of the products means that this procedure can be repeated many times. Regardless of whether hubs are being removed or repositioned, mounting and dismantling can be achieved in just a few seconds rather than tens of minutes that might normally be taken.

    While all ETP products are customisable, they are available in a number of varieties. These include:

    ETP-EXPRESS has only one screw for pressurising and is therefore suitable when there is a need for the fast and accurate repositioning of the hub.

    ETP-POWER is a hydraulic connection that consists of a double-walled hardened steel sleeve filled with a specially-developed pressure medium and a flange for higher torques and stresses.

    ETP-TECHNO, whose outer and inner diameter and the side of the flange towards the hub are accurately machined for excellent concentricity.

    ETP-CUSTOM SOLUTIONS - There is also a range of ETP products that can be intelligently controlled or designed to suit individual applications.

    Quick mounting
    Quick mounting

    Easy & accurate to position
    Easy & accurate
    to position

    Saves space along the shaft
    Saves space along
    the shaft

    Good runout
    Good runout

    Compact design
    Compact design

    Quick dismantling
    Quick dismantling

  • We give a Schmidt

    Schmidt Couplings

    We give a Schmidt about flexible shaft couplings

    flexible shaft couplings
    If you use servomotors, there‘s a new shaft coupling that addresses the known limitations of other beam, bellows, pin or laminate disc style shaft couplings.

    The new Spinplus is slight in its dimensions, vast in performance and is the ideal precision shaft coupling for highly dynamic applications. Whether it is to be precisely positioned, assembled or measured , the new Spinplus is the latest flexible shaft coupling innovation.

    When developing the Spinplus, the main focus was to achieve the lowest possible moment of inertia for the coupling, which is especially advantageous for quick bidirectional torque transmission. The unique function of the internal flexible element, manufactured through a modern MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) process, allows for the shaft displacement compensation.

    As a result, an immediate technical advantage is achieved allowing a very compact design capable of transmitting high torque, with maximum torsional rigidity and a minimised moment of inertia.

    Precise, torsionally stiff and backlash-free

    Combining the mechanical advantage with a newly developed and innovative hub design highlights further optimisation for the lowest moment of inertia concept.

    The clamp hubs reduce the mass moment of inertia significantly compared to conventional hubs on the market. To adapt to the respective application requirements, two hub versions are available.

    Performance Guaranteed - Semiflex®

    Should the application be performance-orientated, the Semiflex® is designed specifically for reliability in the more arduous application. The Semiflex® precision shaft coupling is both torsionally stiff but also has incredibly small radial restoring forces.

    In applications where shaft alignment cannot be guaranteed due to various scenarios such as manufacturing tolerances, assembly procedures, wear, or operational specifics, Semiflex® offers high radial shaft misalignment compensation in a compact design.

    What makes the shaft coupling unique is that the transmission of the rotary motion and torque takes place within the coupling through two pairs of parallel links arranged at 90° to each other.

    The lateral displacement compensation takes place through a swivelling movement of the needle bearing parallel link rods.

    Synchronisation between driver and driven ends is therefore guaranteed despite abnormal parallel shaft displacement.

    Semiflex® is a symbiosis of performance, compact design and generous misalignment capacity available in a choice of materials including Stainless Steel. Torque capacity dependant on model is from 44 Nm to 14,500 Nm. Bore diameters up to 120mm can be accommodated.

    Affordable shaft connection - Controlflex®

    The Controlflex® shaft coupling has been designed and developed specifically with shaft encoders in mind. The unique and integral functional element accommodates all kinds of shaft misalignment but also exhibits very low parallel, angular and skewed restoring forces, making it ideal for both encoder and tachometer use.

    The compact design consists of two anodised aluminium hubs and a unique middle element that transmits rotation with constant velocity. Controlflex® is easy to install, and can act as an electrical insulator between shafts if required. As standard, the shaft couplings are balanced for high rpm applications up to 25.000 rpm, including the quick and easy clamp style hub versions.

    There are four series of these encoder suited couplings for different application requirements. The Standard series is the choice for all standard encoders and tachometers, offering outer diameters ranging from 19mm to 37mm. The series accommodates a maximum radial misalignment capacity depending on size up to 1 mm and a maximum angular misalignment capacity up to 1.5 degrees. Standard bore combinations range from 3 mm up to 20mm.

  • Satellite roller screws... an upgrade on ball screws?

    Static load 3 times greater than a ball screw

    Static load 3 times greater than a ball screw
    flexible shaft couplings

    The Rollvis satellite roller screw program, exclusively available from ABSSAC Limited, is proving to be a formidable advantage in the linear technology sector. With a traditional ball screw design, the captivated ball bearings transfer the load between the screw and nut as they recirculate in the ball nut housing. All these options ultimately increase the load capacity, but as in every case, there is still a limitation of the actual load bearing surface area per ball bearing.

    This is where the satellite roller screw has a large advantage. A satellite roller screw employs matched rollers to rotate (or satellite as the product name suggests) around the screw during actuation instead of ball bearings. Through its inherent design, there is an immediate increase in the physical amount of contact points on the screw that can support the load compared with that of the same diameter ball screw. The admissible static and dynamic load capacities are therefore considerably higher than that of a ball screw for the same diameter. In fact, the static load can be 3 times greater than that of ball screws and their lifespan can be up to 15 times longer.

    The many points of contact further give a satellite roller screw greater rigidity and shock tolerance in comparison to the ball screw without compromising friction or efficiency. Satellite roller screws can rotate significantly faster and support much greater accelerations than ball screws as there is no recycling of the ball bearings. In fact, a roller screw mechanism can handle twice the rotation speed of a ball screw. It is also possible to supply planetary roller screws with smaller leads compared to ball screws. As the lead is a function of the pitch of the planetary roller screw, the lead can be very small (0.5mm and even less). The lead can be chosen and supplied without any geometrical changes of both the screw shaft and the nut body. In a ball screw however, the lead is limited by the outside diameter of the bearing ball - a standard ball screw feature.

    The satellite screw product has two standard designs directly aimed at replacing less effective ball screw designs. There is also a full design capability of the standard satellite screw program which continues to “upgrade” linear designs around the world.

    greater loads

    Can rotate faster and accept greater static and dynamic loads

    “I need more performance from my existing linear device”!

    “My hydraulic linear actuation system is a major part of my maintenance schedule”!

    “My ball screw is failing prematurely due to high duty cycle”!

    “I have reached the boundary of performance from my existing ball screw but have no way of increasing its dimensions within the design”

    Sound familiar? These are some of the comments from engineers who come to ABSSAC in search of linear solutions.

    linear products

  • Precision ground and precision rolled ball screws

    Have you heard?
    ABSSAC has been supplying ball screws for over 35 years

    Have you heard?

    ABSSAC has well over 35 years of experience in supplying precision ball screws. Typically, ABSSAC supply ball screws with outside diameters ranging from 1.8mm to 16mm for the precision ranges and up to 80mm on the transport ranges, with a range of leads per diameter.

    Whether your requirement is for a precision rolled or precision ground ball screw, ABSSAC can assist you in the specification of the right part for the application and welcomes the opportunity to develop linear solutions within tight cost budgets.

    With a rapid turnaround, many ball screw customers often request that the journal ends of the screws are supplied pre-machined, so that the parts are ready to fit. This eliminates potential scrap rates for the customer, but also ensures that the assemblies are supplied and certified to the accuracy tolerances required.

    Precision Rolled

    Put simply, the rolling process forms a thread for less cost than a ground one. Ball screws that have been cold rolled formed are ideal for applications that do not require the finite accuracy of the ground ball screw equivalents, but are still required to reliably transmit an axial load with a high degree of accuracy. Using the traditional recirculation of the balls within the nut housing, a typical ball screw may be 90 percent efficient, versus the 50 percent efficiency of a lead screw of equal size. Precision rolled ball screws achieve accuracies of C7-20 (that‘s 50 microns per 300mm of cumulative lead accuracy - 20 microns of axial backlash).

    Precision Ground

    Ball screws that have been formed by a grinding process are used where acute linear accuracy is paramount within the application. ABSSAC offer a quality program of diameter and lead combinations with a variety of ball nut styles. Precision ground ball screws achieve accuracies of C0-0 (that‘s 3.5 microns per 300mm of cumulative lead accuracy - 0 microns of axial backlash).

    Ball Screws


    precision ball screws

    ABSSAC is now supplying what is believed to be the world‘s smallest precision ball screw and nut assembly. With an amazing screw diameter of only 1.8mm and lead of 0.5mm, the new miniature ball screw range is ideally suited to the ever-smaller requirements of medical, optical and military application requirements. Using a ground screw format, the hardened steel ball screw can be supplied complete with machined journal ends.

    A standard 6mm diameter nut body is used to house the 0.4mm diameter ball bearings which are captivated in a recirculating ball nut design. Remarkably, the new product range offers a C3-05 accuracy grade (i.e. 0.005mm axial play). Fixing the nut to the application is made simply by a range of pre-drilled nut flange sizes.

  • Power screws and nuts from stock

    Available from stock makes me happy as Larry with ABSSAC product and service

    Happy as Larry

    With well over 35 years‘ of lead screw experience, ABSSAC continues to expand its lead screw capability. ABSSAC is the place for fast delivery, keen prices and knowledgeable sales staff.

    Continuously stocking up to 3 metre lengths of trapezoidal lead screw, in diameters from 10mm to 70mm in both right and left handed formats, the screws are complimented by a large selection of industry standard Bronze and Steel nut designs. The screws are available in both Steel and Stainless Steel, with a large selection of round bodied flanged or non-flanged Bronze nuts from stock. Additionally, weldable square, hex and round steel nuts are available. ABSSAC‘s capability as a trusted supplier is enhanced by the options to supply either cut to length or ready to fit machined bearing journal ends to the screws. Quality assured screws and nut combinations can then be fitted directly into the customer‘s application without further intervention.

    lead screw nuts

    ABSSAC is also able to offer gun drilling, screw hardening and special coating treatments.

    Knowledgeable staff, always available

    When it comes to leadscrews for medium to heavy duty industrial applications, ABSSAC works hard to keep the customer happy. Recently ABSSAC was approached to help specify a nut and screw combination for a redesigned food packaging machine. The original application used both a left and right hand opposing screw to operate a high speed gripper within a machine sealing hot plastic foil ready to cook meals for a leading supermarket. The application dictated that there could be no lubrication within the system, which contributed to the premature failure of a competitors plastic nuts after only 50,000 cycles. The existing set up also suffered from excessive positional lead error which added a drag load and excessive wear of the nuts due to binding. ABSSAC‘s engineers set about utilizing a PTFE impregnated plastic as the anti-backlash nut base material. These nuts were then thread matched with leadscrews in both the right hand and the left hand formats. This winning combination was proven by initial tests cycles, which achieved over 56,000 cycles without any detrimental sign of wear to the nuts.

    • In Stock
    • Competitive pricing
    • Knowledgeable sales engineers
    • Large range of formats available
    • Up to 3m lengths from stock

    Mr. Phil Jones of ABSSAC, who has over 20 years lead screw experience, says:

    “Being able to match the screws and nut pitch accuracy reduces the stresses within the system considerably ensuring a more reliable linear movement”.

    ABSSAC also offers a complete range of linear slides, radial and thrust mounted bearings which are ideal for use with the POWER SCREW ranges.

  • Electroforms & edge welded bellows

    Precision performance every time

    Precision performance

    A formidable product package.

    As the sole United Kingdom distributor, ABSSAC can supply quality- crafted bellows, couplings, electroforms, and electrical contacts. For engineers‘ familiar with the traditional electroforming process, ABSSAC are offering a new way of looking at the complexity of shape, wall thickness, integral strength and capability.

    The process begins with a piece of aluminum stock or bar. The internal geometry of the electroform is machined into the aluminum to produce a mandrel. After inspection, nickel, copper, gold, silver or combinations thereof are electrodeposited onto the mandrel to a precise wall thickness. Following a post plate inspection, the plated mandrel is trimmed to produce the desired end configuration and dimensions. Finally, the aluminum mandrel is dissolved in a caustic solution leaving behind the completed electroform. At this point special finishes or coatings may be applied.

    The technology that Servometer© offers can, and have been used in a whole range of applications in aerospace, medical equipment, electronic chip manufacture, microwave applications, cryogenic cooling and PCB automatic testing activity to name a few.

    Servometer Bellowstech
    Advantages of our electroforms:
    • Lightweight combined with high toughness
    • Limitless geometries are possible, even with varying cross sections
    • They can be manufactured with varying wall thickness in a single part
    • Electroforms can be made integral with our bellows, no need for welding or soldering
    • Diameters as small as 0.5mm
    • Close internal tolerances
    • Suitable for temperatures as low as -423°F / -252°C
    • Up to 200mm cross section
    • Larger parts are possible, for certain geometries.
    • Typically, the electroforms are nickel, but copper and gold are also available, as a complete part, as a lamina or as a surface finish.
    • Mirror finishes and low reflectance coatings can be provided as required
    Sub-assembly services

    ABSSAC also offer a range of efficient precision assembly services that reduce component costs, lead-times, and sustain quality. ABSSAC specialise in soldering, induction brazing, electron- beam welding and adhesive bonding. Evacuated assembly, hermetic sealing and back-fill operations routinely produce precision temperature and pressure sensitive devices. Our sub assembly capabilities, combined with necessary leading- edge technologies, will get your job done exactly right.

    Abssac supplies quality-crafted edge welded bellows.

    In 2007, Servometer© acquired BellowsTech LLC. BellowsTech is a premier manufacturer of edge welded bellows and assemblies, encompassing a wide array of alloys and dimensional configurations. BellowsTech and Servometer© have a synergistic relationship to offer customers solutions, with ABSSAC being proud to be part of that team. The technologies complement each other in size, compatibility, pressure and temperature limitations without sacrificing performance. The crossover of engineering talent adds value and experience to ensure customers employ the right technology for their applications.

    If you have an application where the control of volume in a liquid or gas is important, the edge welded bellows product may be able to help. Providing the most flex in the smallest amount of space, ABSSAC are dedicated to developing and perfecting edge welded bellows design, fabrication and manufacturing technologies with full application design assistance.

    Hydraulically formed, or hydroformed, bellows can typically travel about twenty percent of their free length. Edge welded metal bellows have the ability to travel ninety percent; thus, edge welded bellows can accomplish the same movement in smaller sizes and lighter weight assemblies. Bellows‘ accumulators can have pressure internal or external to the Bellows‘ assembly. This design factor should be defined early in the design phase since the assembly will ideally receive internal pressure. Understanding the differential pressure between the inside and outside of the assembly also helps engineers to determine the proper size and length of the Bellows assembly.

    Did you know that edge welded bellows can be used as a liquid or gas accumulator, expansion joint or actuator?

    edge welded bellows

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    Abssac - Precision Motion Since 1982

In MotionAbssac - Precision Motion Since 1982

If you have the notion...     ...we have the motion

ABSSAC is a respected supplier of power transmission equipment. Whether it is a quick fit hydraulic hub shaft connection, a 90 degree flexible shaft coupling or a device that requires precise linear motion, Abssac have the products and expertise to assist you get an affordable solution to your power transmission challenges. 

We employ the traditional hands on approach to everything we do, which after all, is the building block of engineering. For well over 35 years, our professional and straight forward approach to products and business has often been commented on as one of our key advantages over the competition.

We work hard to ensure that our front line sales engineers are trained in the products they sell so that they can help you choose the right product for the job. We continue to be a company that provides a high degree of engineering support for all of the products we supply backed up by an audited quality assurance system. In fact we have had a quality system since our start up in 1982, which has successfully taken us through the early days of BS5750 and on through onto ISO9001. 

Abssac started with the unique Helical beam product and its single piece, zero backlash shaft couplings and grew over the years to encompass  other flexible shaft couplings designs such a solid, Universal joint, elastomeric, bellows and jaw to cope with the huge range of shaft connection challenges we were asked to solve. The linear department soon followed supplying a quality range of ball screws and lead screws and then onto power screws for the heavier duty applications.  Add the unique satellite roller screw product to the linear program and the range becomes a formidable package. There are many more innovative products covered in our web site.  

Situated in the Vale of Evesham, Worcestershire, we also like to work with our local community by sponsoring a local school with their robotics team, supporting and sponsoring a local rugby team player and of course supporting the local scout’s annual swimming gala.  This all adds up to being a successful company, with keen and long term enthusiastic staff, dedicated to progressing within the industry. 


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