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It helps us greatly to have as much information about your application parameters as possible so that we can help specify the right part for the job. What ever the application, you can use the online engineering application forms, on this page, to get the ball rolling.

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If all you have is just part number or brief description, use the table on the right hand side, which will be sent directly to our knowledgeable sales engineers. Alternatively, if you have more specific application data, then why not use the more in depth engineering proposal forms found here:

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General Proposal Forms

Engineering Proposal Form

At Abssac we employ the traditional hands on approach to everything we do.

The general engineering proposal form gives you the opportunity to email us information about your application and is ideal for products such as Support Bearings, Metric Studding and Anti-Backlash Leadnuts.

Linear Proposal Form

Are you looking for linear products such as lead screws or ball screws?

This proposal form asks all the pertinent questions we need to ensure we can specify the correct part. However, should you wish to discuss your application with one of engineers please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on 01386 421005

Rotary Proposal Form

The rotary proposal form is the in depth form to submit your application details for our range of shaft couplings range universal joints.

This covers products such as Helical Shaft Couplings, Schmidt CouplingsCURTIS U Joints and many more rotary products.

Specific Product Proposal Forms

Precision Electroform Design Form

If you are interested in Precision Electroforms this proposal form will guide you though specifying the details of your application.

Precision Electroform Sample Request

Request samples of bellows, couplings and electrical contact electroforms.

Edge Welded Bellows Proposal Form

Proposal form for those looking for Edge Welded Bellows.

ETP Hydraulic Bushes Proposal Form

Proposal form for those interested in ETP Hydraulic Bushes (specialist) and ETP Standard Hydraulic Bushes.

Machine Spring Proposal Forms

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