We teamed up with the Curtis range of machined universal joints some decades ago for specialist applications. The CURTIS product is not manufactured using a casting method, but is machined from solid material for precision, reliability and design flexibility.

Up to 35 degrees (70 degrees on double joints) of angular offset and bore diameters from 2mm to 60mm as standard. Many applications require corrosion resistant universal joints to assure sanitation or to avoid premature oxidation or deterioration. Utilising 303 stainless steel as standard the U-joints are particularly important, for example, to industries that use food processing equipment, and for machinery that comes in contact with corrosive chemicals or is exposed to water for long periods. Furnace applications also benefit from stainless steel, which better withstands high temperatures and other environmental extremes. 304, 316 stainless steels can also be supplied by special order.

Alloy Steel Joints feature 41L40-grade steel for all forks. The forks of 22mm (7/8 inch) diameter and larger have induction-hardened bearing areas for strength and durability. The body (hubs) of the joints remain in an annealed state, which affords free machinability. The centre blocks and pins are machined from 86L20 alloy steel. Centre-blocks and pins are carburized and case hardened to generate superior wear characteristics yet remain ductile, thereby enabling the joint to handle shock loads without experiencing premature failure. Universal joint hub modifications are available per customer specifications, which include but may not be limited to bores, key ways, set screw holes, square holes and hex holes.

The Curtis Precision ranges encompass the following designs;

Single Block & Pin - Standard block and pin universal joints in 14 O.D. sizes (3/8inch to 4inch diameter), two material grades (4140 alloy steel and 303 stainless steel) and three hub configurations (solid, bored and bored with keyway and set screw holes).

Double Block & Pin - Double universal joints in the 14 O.D. sizes, materials and configurations as our single ujoints. Both single and double universal joints (7/8 inch to 4 inch O.D.) have the Curtis take apart feature allowing the joints to be easily disassembled.

Needle Bearing - If your application requires a universal joint that can operate at high speeds for extended periods of time, we recommend the use of needle bearing type joints. Curtis can provide a wide range of needle bearing joints machined to your individual requirements

Cross and Bearing - Ideal for the high volume user. These joints are commonly used in all terrain and utility vehicles, golf carts, agricultural steering linkages and many other commercial and industrial settings.


CURTIS Double Joints - Stainless Steel & Alloy Steel

Available in both prebored or solid hub, which allow the customer to easily modify to their specifications. The basic material is a 303 grade Stainless Steel and by utilising the double joint design allows the extra angularity up to  70°. The Quick and easy TakeApart™ design for easy and economical disassembly and reassembly, is also available with the double joint range, as well as the other connections designs mentioned above. As standard the product delivers firm, positive lockup of the entire assembly thanks to Curtis’ exclusive Tell-Tale Lock Ring.

Built-in lubrication passages with Curtis’ exclusive internal lubrication system extend the life of the joint. Smooth rotational operation, longer life and perfect concentricity is all part the excellent Curtis product. (Hubs are ground on centre and centering holes provided on solid hubs to aid in customer machining) . Please also note that universal joint hub modifications are available per customer specifications, which include, keyways, set screw holes, square holes and hex holes.

Double joints are available in all 14 sizes and share all of the advantages of the single U-joint designs. Bore diameters from 2mm to 60mm are available as standard.



CURTIS - The Unique TakeApart ™ design.

Uniquely, we can also supply  the TakeApart ™ design which allows for dis-assembly and reassembly of the universal joint without the use of special tools and replacement of component parts. This feature enables the end user to machine the hubs to fit the mating shaft if a standard bore does not. In addition to this, easier access to other components in a drive line can be achieved by being able to quickly and easily disassemble the joint after it has been installed in the application.

Abssac utilises the Curtis Universal joint product, a leader in the manufacture of block and pin universal joints for industrial, commercial and military applications. All our universal joints have firm, positive lockup of the entire assembly thanks to the exclusive Tell-Tale Lock Ring design. With built-in lubrication passages via another exclusive internal lubrication system and the possibility of additional lubrication covers (boots) to keep out contaminants, all add to the longevity of the part. Our universal joints also are designed to reduce galling and seizing between parts as dissimilar materials are used on all bearing surfaces. Maximum wear and strength is also obtained from induction hardening the forks of the universal joint whilst keeping the hubs in an annealed state for ease of machining.

Parts are also supplied with perfect concentricity with hubs ground on centre and centering holes provided on solid hubs to aid in machining making them the ideal transmission partner.

Curtis excel in the design and production of one of a kind custom fixed length and variable length telescoping universal joint assemblies made from a variety of materials. If your need is for a custom assembly please contact Chris or Peter who will be happy to help. 01386 421005

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