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Edge Welded Bellows

Supplying quality-crafted edge welded bellows into some of the most interesting applications on the planet, has always made the product an engineers favourite. The process for manufacturing edge welded metal bellows begins with hydraulically stamping strips of metal sheets into diaphragms. Once stamped, diaphragms are inspected for quality and cleaned to ensure that the material is free of any grease or dirt. Next, the diaphragms are positioned back-to-back (male to female) to pair the inside diameter holes. They are then welded together through plasma, laser, arc, or electron beam welding equipment depending on the manufacturer and material. Vision systems can aid the accuracy and consistency of welds. The entire process is continued in order to make the proper number of convolutions.  Once the inside diameter welds are completed, the convolutions are prepared for outside diameter welding. Depending on the welding equipment, chill rings are inserted between the convolutions in order to ensure that the heat from the welds does not distort or change material properties in the adjacent material.


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The finished product is a long flexible assembly. The design of the metal diaphragms gives the bellows assembly its dynamic flexibility and high – performance characteristics. Most customers require end plates or custom flanges to meet a specific requirement or application and these end pieces can be welded to the end of each side of the bellows for a finished assembly.

If you have an application where the control of volume in a liquid or gas is important, the edge welded bellows product may be able to help. Providing the most flex in the smallest amount of space, we are dedicated to developing and perfecting edge welded bellows design, fabrication and manufacturing technologies with full application design assistance.

Using state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities allows our customers to  benefit  from exact requirements.  We excel at optimising the design and attachments so that we have consistently achieved outstanding performance and reliability reviews.  For applications that require high quality micro fusion joining, edge welded bellows are more cost effective and functional than either electron beam or laser welding.  BellowsTech will design and manufacture edge welded bellows in a full range of diameters and thicknesses ranging from 0.394” (10mm) to 26” (660mm) in diameter in materials 0.002” (0.05mm) to 0.036” (0.91mm) thick*. In order to address custom requirements, BellowsTech design specialists review the following information before each application which allows us to determine the exact custom capabilities needed to ensure your success.

  • Edge Welded Bellows

Working within the size range of 12.7mm to 147mm (OD) and working in materials such as AM350, Stainless steel, Titanium, Hasteloy, and Inconel, we will design and manufacture bellows in 0.05mm  to 2 ply 0.18mm thickness. In fact we can weld any weldable alloy that is commercially available.

Your understanding of edge welded bellows does not have to end here. Did you know that edge welded bellows can be used as a liquid or gas accumulator, expansion joint, or actuator?

Hydraulically formed, or hydroformed, bellows can typically travel about twenty percent of their free length. Edge welded metal bellows have the ability to travel ninety percent; thus, edge welded bellows can accomplish the same movement in smaller sizes and lighter weight assemblies. Bellows accumulators can have pressure internal or external to the bellows assembly. This design factor should be defined early in the design phase since the assembly will ideally receive internal pressure. Understanding the differential pressure between the inside and outside of the assembly also helps engineers to determine the proper size and length of the bellows assembly.

Further examples of where the unique Servometer© product has been utilsed can be found by using the BellowsTech button below;

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With over fifty years of design and manufacturing experience BellowsTech offers proprietary stamping, cleaning and welding techniques for exceptional strength and consistency in the product. Pride in the product is demonstrated by individually inspecting diaphragms for the highest quality to ensure welds are the strongest and leak-tight and then employing special handling techniques to protect against contamination of the materials.

Other BelowsTech Product advantages include;

  • Deep penetrations and consistent weld bead geometry to ensure a leak-tight joint
  • Can withstand high cycle applications
  • Engineered for optimal performance with an internal vacuum or external pressure
  • Optional heat treating to strengthen the material
  • Helium leak testing to industry standards (1×10-9 for stainless steel material)
  • Lower leak rates are available as required
  • Over 90 standard sizes, round and non-round shapes
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified, AS9100 compliant
  • Quality Assurance Certificate

Industries to date that have benefited from this technology include;

  • Vacuum Industry
  • Semiconductor
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Defence
  • Oil and Offshore
  • Solar Energy
  • Cryogenics

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