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Lead Screws and Nuts


Abssac is in the unique position of being able to research and develop special types of thread forms that meet your exact requirements. We are capable of making tooling if a special thread form with a specific lead (or pitch) if required.  We are also capable of assisting you with a leadscrew assembly design and provide first article inspection for your approval. Abssac’s engineering staff will provide you with important concepts to optimise the design phase of your product. We offer a Precision thread rolling service.

Whether it is a simple lead screw or acme thread, Abssac has one of the largest linear product ranges to choose from. Combine this with a fast turnaround machine shop that can supply end journals that are ready to fit directly into your application, which ultimately reduces your scrap rate. Abssac is ready to help you find the right product for the right price.

Employing a traditional hands on approach to business, Abssac has expanded its lead screw ranges further by adding more diameters and leads per product range in 2014.

We stock up to 3000mm lengths of screw and all associated nuts

Abssac not only supplies high precision lead screws but also a range of medium to heavy duty industrial leadscrews. Continuously stocking up to 3 meter lengths of lead screw diameters of 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 30mm, 36mm, 40mm and 50mm in both right and left handed formats. The POWER SCREWS are available in both Steel and Stainless Steel and can be supplied with a large selection of round bodied flanged or non-flanged Bronze matched thread nuts from stock.

The revolutionary high helix multi-start lead screws can offer leads of up to 6 x the diameter of the screw. This multi-start  lead screw product provides high linear nut speeds from low rotational screw speeds.  Aimed at replacing timing belt mechanisms or executing fast and reliable linear motion the efficient conversation of linear to rotary movement makes this unique product usable in many applications. Formed by the cold rolled forming process, the screws are proving to be a superb economical solution for high speed linear applications.

A complete range of low cost, studded screw ideal for construction and architectural purposes. ABSSAC can deliver quickly diameters such as : M4; M5; M6; M8; M10; M12; usually from 20mm to 100 mm in lengths in different materials such as : raw, zinc plated, stainless steel A2-304, and A4-316, packed in bags or carton boxes. The wide range of all threaded stud bolts DIN 976/A is based on ISO METRIC thread with big pitch but this does not exclude the production of fine pitch studs bolts and Whitworth thread forms if requested.

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With all of our customers, Abssac strives to keep them happy. When it comes to Lead Screws for medium to heavy duty industrial applications, Abssac is the place to come for fast delivery, keen prices and knowledgeable sales staff . All our screws are complimented with a large selection of industry standard Bronze and Steel nut designs.

So if you are a user of leads screws, give us a call to see how we can make you happy....

Lead Screws

Matching leads in right handed and left handed lead screw formats.

Lead screws supplied in both a right handed and left handed thread format can readily be supplied by Abssac limited. A redesigned food packaging machine was originally using the opposing screws to operate a high speed gripper in a machine that hot plastic foil sealed, ready to cook meals for a leading supermarket. Since the machine operated within a food grade environment meant there could be no lubrication with the system, which contributed to the premature failure of the nuts after only 50,000 cycles.  It was also a concern that the existing lead accuracy matching between leadscrews could also be a factor in the excessive wear of the nuts.

By utilizing a PTFE impregnated plastic as the antibacklash nut base material and ensuring matched pitch accuracy of the screws in both the right handed and the left handed screws enabled initial tests cycles up to 56,000 cycles to be completed without any sign of wear to the nuts. Phil Jones of Abssac says” By being able to match the screws pitch accuracy reduces the stresses within the system considerably ensuring a more reliable linear movement”

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