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Clutches & Brakes

Electromagnetic clutches and brakes, couple, release, brake and hold machinery in place using electromagnetic force generated by passing a current through a coil. The products are electromagnetically actuated or spring actuated. The electromagnetic actuated range further divides into several major categories: electromagnetic-actuated clutches and brakes, spring-actuated brakes, electromagnetic tooth clutches, brake motors, and electromagnetic clutch and brake power supplies. With compact and durable designs the electromagnetic clutches and brakes can be used in a large variety of applications. Ideal for use with large and small transmission, the program also incorporates torque limiting flexible shaft couplings, overload protection, industrial clutches through to micro brakes & clutches.

Safety Brakes

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Brakes / Clutches

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SIK Torque limiter couplings

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Clutch and Brake Units

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Electromagnetic Toothed Clutches

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TBWoods Clutches

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Overload Protection

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Custom Clutches and Brakes

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