• Overload Protection

Overload Protection

With the fixed set torque of the Torque Tender you can protect your machines and equipment.

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TT Torque Tender

Miki Pulley torque limiter.jpgSecure your equipment

Protection from potential damage to a mechanical system caused by torque overload can be critical in some applications. In some applications torque is monitored by the closed loop driver programming within the servo motor performance profile. However, some applications require a more simple mechanical solution.

Offering two types of innovative overload protection device, the "Torque Tender" devices reliably detect overloads and isolate input and output by essentially removing and disconnecting the drive at a set torque figure.  Once the overload is resolved, operation can continue automatically at the same torque from the same indexing position. Torque is set using a built-in torque spring, so there is no time consuming fine-tuning.  With a maximum rotation speed of 1800rpm, the torque limiters have the added advantage of also serving as a flexible coupling, allowing up to 0.5 degrees of angular misalignment and 0.2mm of parallel offset under operation.

The torque limiter detects an overload and disconnects the input side and the output side immediately to protect the machine. Because it is the one-position engagement type, when the overload is instantly removed, the input and output are automatically connected with the same torque in the same indexing position. In contrast to the friction type, this type can be used even in adverse environments. Within each design the power is transmitted by a physical drive key so both models can be used safely even in oil environments.

The TT01 series allows the near butting of the drive and driven shaft within the actual body of the device, so that no extra length is required for mounting within the mechanical system. Torque protection can reliably set from 0.2Nm to 200Nm through shaft sizes of 8mm to 50mm. 

The TT03 series is often used in combination with a pulley, sprocket, or gear to the outside of the housing and is termed the “winding type”. By mounting the pulley, sprocket, or gear to the outside of the housing the driven shaft is secured at the centre of the torque protector, so in affect can be attached even when used as a through shaft. Torque protection can reliably set from 0.2Nm to 200Nm through shaft sizes of 8mm to 45mm. 


  • Set limiting torque level 0.5 to 200 Nm
  • Shaft to shaft / shaft to Pulley attachment
  • Also absorbs misalignment between shafts

 Reliable and innovative design

 TT torque protection.jpg

Key to diagram

  1. Normally the drive key is engaged with the groove of the housing to transmit torque. (Figure A)
  2. If an overload is applied, the drive key is tilted against the force of the torque spring and disconnected from the groove of the housing to disconnect the input side and the output side. (Figure B)
  3. When the input side and the output side are returned to the original indexing position after removing the overload, the operation can be restarted with the torque that was set originally.
  4. Please note that the normal and reverse rotation torque can be changed by independently connecting normal and reverse rotation torque springs. (Please contact us for details.)


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