• KSS Lead screws

KSS Lead Screws

A superb range of gothic arch thread form lead screws that ensure smooth linear movement. The lead screws are manufactured from 304 or 303 Stainless Steel delivering high postional accuracy and excellent corrosion resistance. Available in diameters of 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, & 12mm with leads of 1 to 30mm makes the series ideal for a multitude of precision linear applications. Complimented by a range of matched precision plastic nuts, all the screws can be delivered with machined end journals that are ready to fit directly into an application.


KSS Gothic arch form lead screws with precision plastic nuts



  • The screw shaft is manufactured from 304 or 303 Stainless Steel,
  • Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • A precision tolerance product.
  • Nut type MRH incorporates an impreganted lubricating agent
  • Smooth linear movement (Recommended use is with lubricant)
  • Gothic arch thread form ensures smooth linear transmission with good effeciency.
  • Backlash free design are available. (Axial play can be 0)



MRH-A,B series

MRH-A,B series : KSS products

Using a non reactive Polyamide type resin for the nut material gives an excellent coefficient of friction. The material is impregnated with a lubricating agent that allows the nut and screw to be used without lubrication if required. However, lubrication is advised to increase operational and longevity. Other nut materials are available on request.

MRH-BP2 series

MRH-BP2 series : KSS products

Using a non reactive Polyamide type resin for the nut material gives an excellent coefficient of friction. Backlash free nut designs can be supplied using a double nut design with a captivated wound spring between them providing a preload. Other nut materials are available on request. .

R-MSS (Y) series

R-MSS (Y) series : NTN Corp. products

Using Bearee AS5000 plastic material for the nut enables a wide range of environmental application challenges to be overcome. Please note that high lead types (3 times as diameter.) are also available in this series.

  • KSS Lead Screws
  • Stainless Steel screw has excellent corrosion resistance
    Stainless Steel screw has excellent corrosion resistance
  • Wide range of diameter and leads are available
    Wide range of diameter and leads are available
  • Great coefficient of friction during operation
    Great coefficient of friction during operation
  • Heat resistant nut designs available
    Heat resistant nut designs available

Combination of Shaft nominal dia. & Lead

Shaft Dia. (mm)Lead (mm)
10 D105
12 D105

Note1 ) The numbers in each cell show pages in the catalogue. D105 and D109 are for backlash nut design type, D106 is for the antibacklash nut design.



Accuracy grade and Axial play

Accuracy grade of KSS Resin Lead Screws is based on Japanese Industry Standard Ct10. The tolerance on the specified travel is calculated by
following formula. Axial play is 0.05 to 0.10mm (except Backlash free type).

Tolerance on specified travel ep: ep =±𝓁u300 ×0.21 (mm)
𝓁u : Useful travel (mm)



ShaftStainless Steel 304 or 303
NutMC nylon (MC703HL)
Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials

Note 1) Please refer to page D104 for Nut material suitable for special environment.

Note 2) Other nut materials are available on request.


Description of Run-out and location tolerance

Each part of run-out tolerance is based on Japanese Industry Standard Ct10 of Ball Screws.

kss tolerance diagram


Thread groove profile

The thread grooves are of a gothic arch design. This is basically the same as those used in the KSS Ball Screw ranges.

Mechanical efficiency

Mechanical efficiency of KSS Resin Lead Screws η(%) can be calculated by the following formula.
The expected “Mechanical efficiency” calculated from measurements is 20%-50%.
Generally, as the Lead increases, “Mechanical efficiency” tends to be high. Please use this number as a reference.

η = Fa×𝓁T × 2 ϖ ×100 (%)

Fa : Axial load(N)
𝓁 : Screw Lead(m)
T : Rotational torque(Nm)


FV value limits on use and endurance data

• FV value limits on use
For KSS Resin Lead Screws, the product of Axial Load and relative velocity of Screw surface is defined as FV, and this definition is reference to check if it is usable or not. Fig. D-11 is maximum FV which can be operated without lubricants in case of using Nut material MRH (Material : MC703HL). Applying lubricants will improve operational efficiency.


Fig. D-11 : FV value limits

FV value limits

Model : MRH0805 / Lubricant : None

Evaluation :
◎ Stable operational conditions were maintained for the long term.
◯ Operation were good, but some wears were seen on the Nuts.
△ Operations became difficult in a relatively short time.
╳ Operations became difficult in the short time.

In case of FV<5(N·m/s), stable operations were maintained.
Operations under FV>10 (N·m/s), maintaining stability was difficult.
Axial Load should be treated more carefully as to upper limits
rather than relative speed.


• Endurance test data of Preloaded products(BP2 type)
Model : ø10mm、Lead = 6mm
Load : None
Speed : 1000rpm
Travel : 400mm(bi-directional)
Lubricant : None
Result : After running 100km, operation were good
Starting Torque monitor : see diagram below


Special products

The standard material of the nut is MC nylon(MC703HL), but we also provide with the following nut materials, detailed in the chart below.

Higher volume applications can take advantage of nuts manufactured by injection molding as well as a selection of materials.

Starting Torque monitor


Table D-12 : Product performance comparison

Operating environmentStandard environmentStandard environmentStandard environmentSpecial environment
Nut appearanceMRHMRSMREMRZ
MaterialPolyamide resin typePolyamide resin typePolyamide resin typePolyether
ether ketone type
FeaturesBalanced performanceBalanced performanceBalanced performanceFlame resistance,
heat/water resistance
OtherGood C of E-Good electrical
Food hygiene,
chemical resistance
Mechanical strength
Heat resistance
Wear resistance
Chemical resistance

◎ superior
◯ usable

Fig. D-13 : Evaluation each material

Evaluation each material



1) Lubrication

  • Lubrication of the nut and screw mechanism is recommended where ever possible. We can offer advice on correct lubrication type depending on operating condition.

2) Additional end-journal machining

  • All lead screws can be supplied with machined end journals to print design. This is preferred method of supplying the resin screws series to ensure product quality, accuracy and concentricity of journals. By supplying a ready to fit product also eliminates the customers potential scrap rates.

3) Handling.

  • Do not subject parts to sudden impact.
  • Do not disassemble backlash free type nut.
  • When storing the products, please store in the original wrapping. Do not open the wrapping or tear the inner wrapping until ready to use.
  • This product has been designed for normal use in temperatures under 80°C. In case of exceeding 80°C, please ask ABSSAC.
  • Resin Lead Screws are mechanical components that generate thrust toward the centre of axis. They are not designed to accept radial load. Unsupported radial loads will result in premature wear and possible failure. 
  • Please ensure that the mounting of the nut bracket and support bearing, are perpendicular to the nut mounting face.


Linear guides and rails

Linear guideways provide excellent load bearing linear motion by re-circulating rolling elements between a profiled rail and a bearing block. By primarily using a four ball path design, within the slide, delivers excellent rigidity and parallelism during operation. The guides can be used in both vertical and horizontal planes.

GoABSSAC concentrates on the flanged mount and square mount versions of linear guides as these are considered ideal for use with lead screws...

Support Bearings

ABSSAC supplies both radial and thrust bearings, complete with housings, to compliment their expanding lead screw and ball screw ranges. All bearings include the bearing set, bearing housing, snap ring, lock nut, spacer ring and retaining cover. Available to suit all shaft sizes, the range delivers robust radial and thrust protection in any rotary or linear application. Let us help you with your selection.

GoThe latest range of  low-cost  precision quality thrust and radial bearing units from Abssac are ideally suited for lead screw and ball screw applications.


We provide a full range of quality, low cost lubricants for all our linear products including low vapour pressure greases for clean room and vacuum applications. For example the new Trigel line is specifically formulated to offer a lubrication solution for a wide range of linear motion applications. Please ask for further details.

GoA full range of quality, low cost lubricants for all of our linear products.

Custom Solutions & Reverse Engineering

ABSSAC welcomes reverse engineering applications. Over the years, many customers have sent damaged leadscrews and nuts for us to measure and replicate, often as a result that dimensional drawings do not exist. Please contact one of our knowledgable sales engineers for further details.



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