ETP-OCTOPUS is available as standard for shafts 30-100 mm. Number of mountings 100 000 - 500 000. (pressure dependent). ETP-OCTOPUS is easy to build in, as no hub is required, and allows for fast, frequent and accurate positioning. Customised designs are also welcomed. ETP-OCTOPUS is a hydraulic connection which consists of the unique double-walled hardened steel sleeve with a mounting flange. In the flange there are bores for mounting of a hub and a scraper with a screw joint, threaded connection for hydraulic oil and an air relief screw.

A growing part of our ETP business is in the continuous development programme, where standard ETP products can be adapted,  or when necessary, completely bespoke designs can be used to deliver a legitimate advantage in clamping applications. The scientist Blaise Pascal formulated the principle of pressure propagation in liquids many years ago. That principle is applied to the ETP products delivering quick and easy shaft and hub connections with a very high degree of reliability.

ETP-HYLOC is available as standard for shafts 50 - 220 mm. Concentric run out can be as little  ≤ 0,02 mm. The number of mountings can be a maximum of 2000 times ! Customised models for shaft > 220 mm can also be offered on request. For extreme high torque applications the contact surfaces of ETP-HYLOC (sizes ≥100 mm) can be plated with ETP-HFC, High Friction Coating, which doubles the torque capacity.

ETP Hydraulic Bushes

Pascal discovered the principle. ETP put it to work!

In short we are able to offer customised solutions in co-operation with OEM’s and we look forward to turning your clamping challenges into innovative and reliable solutions. As part of a continuous development programme, ETP products are utilised and adapted to be a legitimate advantage in bespoke applications. Using the wealth of product knowledge  and expert engineering  knowledge has resulted in the integration of the ETP product principle into many new and interesting applications.

All ETP products consist of a double-walled hardened steel or stainless steel sleeve, filled with a pressure medium. Pascal's law or the principle of transmission of fluid-pressure states that , ”pressure exerted anywhere in a confined incompressible fluid is transmitted equally in all directions throughout the fluid such that the pressure ratio (initial difference) remains the same”. The ETP product utilises the many positive qualities of this principle and has continued to develop it further so that it can be utilised reliably and accurately within industrial applications. In the product flange there are one or more screws and a piston with seals for the required pressure setting. When the pressure screw is tightened an even and moderately high surface pressure is created against the shaft and hub, causing the locking effect. The self-contained product allows this procedure to be repeated many times.

Whether the hubs are to be removed or repositioned, mounting and dismantling is done in less than a few seconds. The hydraulic principle gives immediate advantages for today´s modern machines. The compact designs also ensure better concentricity and balance at increased machine speeds, shorter downtime for service and increased precision. The ETP products available through Abssac Limited are chosen for more and more mechanical designs.

Let us carry the heavy load…

Hydro-mechanical connections – For large dimensions and heavy loads

The HYLOC and HYCON series are a robust and compact design capable of transmitting high torque and radial loads. Designed to deliver reliability,  withstand high loads but also allow quick mounting and dismantling of large shafts makes the product ideal for applications in difficult environments and heavy operations such as the steel and marine industry. Ideal for applications with shaft sizes between 50mm and 220mm the installation and disassembly times are dramatically reduced compared to keyways or taper lock alternatives.

Intelligent Connections

Hydraulic connections with external pressurisation. Here the pressure setting and mounting of the ETP product is done with the help of an external pressure source separate from the hub connection. This makes mounting extremely fast and also allows for the intelligent pressurisation of several connections simultaneously.

Where we win……

  • A Wealth of product knowledge and engineering capability
  • The Quick and Easy clamping of shafts
  • The Quick release capability
  • Strong and reliable clamping forces
  • Precision tolerance bores with excellent run out.
  • High Torque transmission
  • Excellent radial load capability
  • Removes the need for keyways


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