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Schmidt Couplings

An outstanding array of shaft coupling products delivering high performance torque transmission, addressing different customer requirements. The product range includes torsionally rigid couplings, which are characterized by compactness and high functionality.Using the standard program, enhanced shaft coupling solutions, in close cooperation with the customer, can be realised. The Schmidt program offers unique technical advantages to the user, such as envelope size and capable torque delivery. Comprehensive advice on the conception and implementation of a project is available.  employing, FEM analyses, rapid prototyping models as well as confirmation of the calculated design data on modern test benches – all this ensures the optimisation of your powertrain.

Many engineers come across the familiar problem of shaft misalignments within driven shaft applications. In some cases the parallel offset of the shafts are above and beyond the capabilities of standard shaft couplings and can often result in punitive drive shaft length, or elaborate mechanical solutions to move driver and driven shafts in unison, to overcome the offset. The Schmidt range of shaft couplings are as follows

Controlflex® – the perfect coupling for shaft encoders, accommodating all types of misalignment with very low restoring forces and low stress on the encoder bearings at constant angular velocity.

Semiflex® – torsionally stiff, precise and backlash-free shaft couplings that require little axial space, compensate misalignment without restoring forces and transmit torque between shafts in instances where shaft alignment cannot be guaranteed.

Schmidt-Kupplung® – the classic product for extreme parallel offset, this torsionally stiff shaft coupling compensates variable parallel shaft offset without side loads in a very compact envelope.

Loewe® GK – with high axial stiffness and multiple shaft connections, this coupling is ideal for torque applications requiring resistance to axial motion, the mix of kinematic properties allowing much radial and angular misalignment.

We have practical application knowledge in a wide variety of industries. including food processing, vacuum, packaging, printing, sensor technology and medical technology.  
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Peter Wright, the Schmidt Kupplung sales engineer at ABSSAC says “Engineers needn’t reinvent the wheel with their transmission challenges. There are 2D and 3D CAD format drawings available for all model types.”
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