The shaft coupling with high axial stiffness

The axially stiff coupling Loewe GK is ideal for torque applications where the coupling has to resist axial motion. The combination of kinematic properties permits additional generous radial and angular misalignment. The series of linear couplings was developed for the precise transmission of pure push and pull loads. Based on the function principle of the Loewe GK, we have developed a whole series of applications, for example for valve triggering, pick and place tasks and for printed circuit board machines.

The Loewe® GK series

Two basic design can be supplied

Torque Series - The series ensures the resistance to axial motion. Torque (TKN) up to 220 Nm. Bore diameter up to 45 mm.
Linear Series - The series for applications purely transmitting axial force. Axial loads up to 13,000 N. External bore thread diameter up to size M27.

Applications of the Loewe® GK

The axially fixed Loewe GK is designed to offer generous angular and radial misalignment compensation together with a high axial stiffness. Loewe GK is designed to resist axial motion or for the precise transmission of pure linear motion for the use in cylinder systems. Typical applications are:

  • valve triggering
  • pick-and-place machines
  • printed circuit board machines
  • screw jacks
  • cylinders

Axially Fixed

This design ensures the resistence to axial motion. As a result the coupling can be used as a solid bearing.

High Axial Stiffness

High strength Aluminum ensures the precise transmission of pure linear push and pull loads.

Compact Design

Radial and angular misalignment are compensated in a very short envelope without deformation.

Advanced performance plain bearings

The use of advanced performance plain bearings guarantees low wear. In addition, these bearing are maintenance-free and can be used at very high temperatures.

Application-compatible shaft connection

All couplings are equipped as standard with hard-anodised clamp hubs, optionally with internal or external thread on linear couplings.

Individual solutions

We welcome the opportunity to utilise the basic Loewe GK coupling and optimise it to specific applications. For example:

  • For connecting by stud or for direct flange-mounting
  • For higher torque requirements

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