The Control flex shaft coupling has been designed and developed specifically with shaft encoders in mind. The compact design consists of two anodised aluminium hubs and a unique middle element that transmits torque at constant velocity.  Most importantly, the unique and integral torque element accommodates all kinds of shaft misalignment but also exhibits very low parallel, angular and skewed restoring forces, making it ideal for both encoder and tacho use.

Controlflex is easy to install, can act as a electrically insulator between shafts and as standard are balanced for high rpm applications up to 25.000 rpm.  This includes the quick and easy clamp style hub versions. There are four series of these encoder suited couplings for different application requirements. The Standard series is the choice for all standard encoders and tachos, offering outer diameters ranging from 19 mm to 37 mm. The series accommodates a maximum radial misalignment capacity depending on size up to 1 mm and a maximum angular misalignment capacity up to 1.5 Degrees. Standard bore combinations range from 3 mm up to 20 mm from stock.

The Impuls Plus series is designed for high resolution encoders with maximum accuracy. Due to this series compact and very short overall length the coupling can be integrated into a very tight axial space. The series Industry is offered with an increased range of outer diameters and bores specially for robust industrial encoders with larger shaft dimensions.To date applications requiring expanding or hollow shafts, D-shaped bores or keyway connections ,special hub lengths to fit into specific customers´s envelope as well as axially-fixed versions have also been supplied.

Interestingly customer specific encoder applications can be supplied. Stacey Taylor at Abssac says,  “At Abssac, we like to work with the customer to meet a technical solution within budget and the Controlflex couplings allows that flexibility“. With its unique functional element, the shaft encoder coupling offers a high misalignment capacity with minimal restoring forces, and it is electrically insulating between the shafts. Attachment could not be easier with the cleverly designed single cap screw, hard-anodised clamp hubs.

The precision flexible shaft coupling offers:

  • Minimal restoring forces
  • Electric insulation between shafts
  • High radial misalignment (up to 2 mm possible)
  • Compact design
  • High torsional stiffness
  • Torque capacities from 1Nm to 6Nm

The Controlflex® series

There are four basic series

Standard - for all standard encoders and tacho-generators
Impuls Plus - for encoders with maximum resolution accuracy
Compact - the very short overall length design
Industry - for robust industrial encoders with larger shafts

Minimal restoring forces

A structurally strong Aluminium hub and a FEA optimised design of the flexible element,  offers minimal restoring forces in conjunction with high radial misalignment capability up to 2 mm, making it an ideal partner for the shaft encoder.

Electrical insulation

The function element of the coupling is made of Delrin and offers electrically insulation between the hubs – important for electrical potential separation.

Compact design

The function element compensates radial, axial and angular misalignment in an extremely short overall length.

Modular Construction

All bore diameters can be freely combined and supplied.

Balanced Design

The hard-anodised clamp hubs are balanced as standard for high speeds and acceleration.

Individual solutions

It is also worth mentioning that the Controlflex coupling can also be adapted from the standard program. We  offer the complete design capability to supply coupling solutions optimised for specific applications. For example for shaft encoder applications:

  • Positive locking and fail-safe for stage technology
  • With customer-specific hubs for expanding or hollow shafts
  • With greater misalignment requirements

Please give Stacey a call to discuss your shaft coupling requirements on 01386 421005

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