Metal bellows shaft couplings deliver, high torsional rigidity, due to the bellows’ radial rigidity and low side thrust due to the bellows lateral flexibility.

Other coupling types have either low windup or low side thrust, but not both. Precision motion control applications require mechanically tight systems, especially between motors, driven loads, and feedback devices, to ensure accurate positioning. Such systems often require shaft couplings that are both torsionally rigid, to accurately transmit rotational position and laterally flexible to accommodate shaft misalignment.

Key product advantages are

  • Backlash free operation
  • Torque range : 18 to 5000 Nm
  • Torsionally stiff
  • Maintenance free
  • To suit shaft sizes from 1mm to 100mm (H7)
  • Suitable for high temperatures from -30C to +120C
  • Corrosion resistant


Basic model sizes - See catalogue for part numbers and connection style

Other sizes are available on request . Some sizes are directly interchangeable with more expensive alternatives from known brands. There is wide choice of shaft connections available with this product from simple set screw, clamp and split clamp through to direct drive and taperlock designs.

Available outside diameter (mm)Total length variants available per diameter (mm)Available bore sizes per diameter (mm)
10231mm to 4mm
1519,21,23,25,27,293mm to 8mm
1926,303mm to 12mm
2422,28,323mm to 14mm
3240,486mm to 18mm
4045,556mm to 24mm
4563,7110mm to 25.4mm
5653,61,65,7310mm to 30mm
6662,73,79,8912mm to 32mm
8279,90,91,10214mm to 42mm
9078,91,101,10322mm to 45mm
11090,102,105,10630mm to 60mm
122101,112,12335mm to 65mm
157168,170,20640mm to 80mm
20820650mm to 100mm

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