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Working closely with our customers to supply a finished ready to fit linear product, not only reduces their scrap rates, but also ensures that the lead screw and nut fit tolerances are maintained every time. Holding excellent journal concentricity, regardless of diameter, the manufacturing services deliver complete turn-key lead screw assemblies to specification. Precision CNC machining services transform the standard thread lead screw and nut program into proprietary designs. The new machine is part of the long-term vision of the company and its progressive UK manufacturing goals. Let us optimise the function of your leadscrew product by having your engineering department collaborate with Abssac during the design phase of your linear motion application. We also welcome reverse engineering or replication work.

For 40 years, our professional and knowledgeable approach to business has often been commented on as one of our key advantages. We continue to be a dynamic company that provides engineering support to all of the products we supply, backed up with exceptional customer service. If you have the notion ...we have the motion

If you are looking for enhanced linear performance within your application, through trusted engineering support then the satellite roller screw program is worth considering. With a proven pedigree in application placement, the satellite roller screw program offers a unique precision linear device, that accurately transforms rotary movement into a linear motion. Utilising, internally captivated threaded rollers that sit between the screw and the nut dramatically increases the high number of points of contact with the bearing system. This mechanical advantage enables satellite roller screws to support very heavy loads with precise and reliable motion. Meticulous attention to detail during manufacture ,backed up with honed experience, delivers a formidable linear package.

Servometer© electroforms are a formidable product package. As the sole United Kingdom distributor, Abssac can supply quality-crafted bellows, couplings, electroforms, and electrical contacts. For those engineers familiar with the traditional electroforming process we are offering a new way of looking at both complexity of shape, wall thickness tolerance, integral strength and capability.

Universal Joints - A universal joint is a mechanical device that allows two shafts not in line with each other limited freedom of movement in any direction whilst transmitting rotary motion. Available in alloy steel, stainless steel or special materials, the single joint configuration can accept up to 25 degrees of angular misalignment where as the double joint designs can accept up to 50 degrees of shaft misalignment. Model designs can include needle bearings, hardened bushes or plain pin, depending on torque and speed requirements.

Transport Ball Screws - The Transport Industrial ball screw range effectively converts high torque rotary input into precise high load linear movement for the more arduous applications. All transport ball screws can be delivered cut to length and if required, machined ready to fit into the required support bearing mounts. Utilising the recirculating ball bearing nut technology as the base of the product, the Industrial class ball screws encompass screw diameters from 12mm up to 80mm as standard with C7 accuracy. Leads of 1mm to 50mm are available through a large range of ball nut designs which in many cases utilise multiple ball circuits to achieve greater load capacities. Typically the Transport ball screws are rated for millions of mm’s of travel at the rated dynamic load. This is the load at which 90% of a group of identical ball screws will run without flaking for their lifetime. However, they will travel farther than this at lower limits.

Sure-Flex Shaft Coupling - With well over 35 years of product knowledge combined with a large stock of Sure-Flex Couplings and Sleeves provides a great basic shaft coupling solution. Mix that with knowledgeable staff who are always available, and you have a great combination. The basic coupling uses two cast hubs available pre-bored or pilot bored and a proven centre element produced from a elastic polymer, to compensate for arduous shaft misalignments. The proven product delivers reliable torque transmission whilst simultaneously dealing with shock and vibration.

Rigid Shaft Couplings - When the application requires a direct and solid shaft connection and that shaft misalignments during operation are minimal, then the ABR solid or rigid type couplings can be used. To suit shafts from 6mm up to 50mm in diameter as standard.A solid compression-type coupling or rigid coupling as it is sometimes termed has no flexibility but can effectively be used to connect two shafts to make a permanent joint. The solid coupling is usually designed to be capable of transmitting the full torque load capacity of the shaft.

Precision Metric Leadscrew - Supplying many of the leading manufacturers of automated devices for the medical, biological science and semi-conductor manufacturing industries the product allows a depth of knowledge unparalleled in the market place. Working closely with your engineers to develop custom drive assemblies to meet your specifications and budget. Offering a complete range of thread forms from acme, stub acme, 60° V, J-form, and trapezoidal, production capabilities include thread rolling, CNC machining, centerless grinding, custom and standard plastic drive nut machining, and thread die grinding. Using a unique thread-rolling process, the cold forming thread rolling combines accuracy and superior surface finish with high strength. Utilizing the roll forming process delivers a cost effective alternative to traditionally cut or ground thread products. Combine these advantages with modular tooling, gives the flexibility to rapidly provide quick prototype turnarounds.

Ball Screws - With one of the most diverse and capable ball screw ranges on the market allows ABSSAC to be considered for a large breadth of linear challenges. The choice empowers the capability to meet most linear challenges head on, but most importantly, within budget. As an established supplier of ball screws, including support bearings and other related ancillary products and provides the expertise in assuring engineers that they are specifying the correct linear products for their applications. The low friction within ball screw designs means that a high mechanical efficiency is delivered compared to that of lead screw designs, that ABSSAC also supplies. A typical ball screw may be 90 percent efficient, versus 50 percent for an equivalent sized lead screw. Therefore, ball screw specification is often a result of an application requirement to have smooth, accurate and perhaps fast, repeatable linear movement.

POWER Leadscrews are an excellent and reliable way of converting rotary motion into a linear motion. The speed, the load and the accuracy of position has a direct effect on the form and physical size of the lead screw and nut design. If you use leadscrews and nuts or perhaps you are considering the product within your designs, then give ABSSAC a call. We stock lead screws for industrial through to precision applications and have knowledgeable sales staff on hand to help with your selection. Our POWER SCREWS are suited to the more industrial type applications where lead accuracy is in the range of 0.1mm per 300mm. All POWER SCREW products can be supplied with a range of flanged, cylindrical and hex style nuts in Stainless Steel, Steel, Bronze and Plastic. Stocking up to 3 meter lengths of lead screw diameters of 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 30mm, 36mm, 40mm and 50mm in both right and left handed formats. ABSSAC offers a complete turn key machining options on all of the screws to fit radial or thrust bearing units, which can also be supplied at very competitive prices.

Jaw Couplings - Sizes 19 to 48 are now in stock, bored and keyed and ready to be delivered. These are low cost, no fuss shaft couplings. The JAW shaft couplings are available in steel, cast iron and aluminium and can come with ATEX approval if requested. To suit shaft sizes from 6mm to 100mm or supplied pilot bored. The curved jaw coupling design consists of an elastic “spider” and two hubs. The spider, made of an advanced polyurethane material, provides dampening of impulse loads, minimizing shock to the motor and other sensitive equipment.

High Helix Lead Screws - The revolutionary high helix multi-start lead screws can offer leads of up to 6 x the diameter of the screw. This multi-start lead screw product provides high linear nut speeds from low rotational screw speeds. Aimed at replacing timing belt mechanisms or executing fast and reliable linear motion the efficient conversation of linear to rotary movement makes this unique product usable in many applications. Formed by the cold rolled forming process, the screws are proving to be a superb economical solution for high speed linear applications.

The precision coupling for an extreme shaft offset in a small D.B.S.E. (distance between shaft ends) The Schmidt coupling offsets like no other coupling. Many engineers come across the familiar problem of shaft misalignments within driven shaft applications. In some cases the parallel offset of the shafts are above and beyond the capabilities of standard shaft couplings and can often result in punitive drive shaft length, or elaborate mechanical solutions to move driver and driven shafts in unison, to overcome the offset. Available from ABSSAC, why not set us your rotary challenge.

The jaw coupling design has been used as a versatile application option, delivering a robust design and dampening features. The simple construction effectively sandwiches the centre of the shaft coupling using an element (or spider; made of polyurethane elastomer) between two hubs. The Elements are available in two different hardnesses so that a selection dependant on torque transmission responsiveness and amount of misalignment can be made. The polyurethane elastomer used in the element enables double the torque transmission of our previous jaw coupling (Miki Pulley comparison) and since the design pre-compresses the element, it can also be used to deliver rotation without backlash. Aluminum alloy is used as the hub material. The hub may be coupled to the shaft either by key way or by integral clamp.

Precision ball screws convert rotary motion into linear motion. They are precise, affordable and available through ABSSAC limited. Visit our web site for further details

Servometer© electroforms are a formidable product package. As the sole United Kingdom distributor, Abssac can supply quality-crafted bellows, couplings, electroforms, and electrical contacts. For those engineers familiar with the traditional electroforming process we are offering a new way of looking at both complexity of shape, wall thickness tolerance, integral strength and capability.

ABSSAC - Using the unique machined spring product, the video shows one application that originally used three separate parts to acheive a compression spring assembly. The video shows how this assembly was replaced by a single piece, double start machined spring (that's two springs in one spring body and still one peice of material !) The same product can be used to supply extension, torsion and lateral bending springs with the added advantage of better accuracy and your choice of end attachments.For more details please visit -

Abssac Limited's recent attendance at the Engineering design exhibtion.

Abssac supplies all types of servometer electroforms including bellows to ISO9000 quality assurance.ABSSAC

Abssac's full animated explanation of the unique machined spring product. Abssac is a supplier of precision machined rotary, linear and specialist engineering products.ABSSAC

Abssac supplies all types of linear products including, Leadscrew, ballscrews, , acme thread,jack screw,acme screws,satellite roller, trapezoidal and machined screw all to ISO9000 quality assurance.ABSSAC

Abssac supplies all types of flexible shaft couplings for power transmission. Ranges include,bellows couplings,helical couplings,heli-cal beam style,rigid,sure-flex,universal joints and disc style couplings all to ISO9000 quality assurance.ABSSAC

Abssac's animation of a Turcite flanged nut assembly, showing inner thread detail. Abssac is a supplier of precision machined rotary, linear and specialist engineering products.ABSSAC

Abssac limited is a supplier of shaft couplings to suit all types of rotational applications. Please visit our web site for further information.ABSSAC

Abssac's animation of a stainless steel lead screw and bronze nut assembly. Abssac is a supplier of precision machined rotary, linear and specialist engineering products.ABSSAC

Abssac's animation of a stainless steel lead screw and plastic Tuircite flanged nut assembly. Abssac is a supplier of precision machined rotary, linear and specialist engineering products.ABSSAC

Whether it is a simple lead screw, acme thread, ball screw or a complicated satellite roller screw, we have one of the largest linear product ranges on the market . Combine this with a fast turnaround machine shop that can supply end journals that are ready to fit directly into your application. We are ready to help you find the right product for the right price. ( Leadscrews can also be supplied with machined journal ends ready to fit straight into your application)

Shaft couplings - We supply Schmidt offset couplings, Helical beam, Sureflex, Atex, Bellows, Jaw, Metal disc and solid versions . Combine this with nearly 30 years experience, we are ready to help you find the right product for the right price.

ABSSAC's self-reversing screw product does not require the driven screw to change its direction of rotation to enable the nut to return to its original start position. The reciprocated bi-directional movement is achieved by using a follower blade in the nut, that is matched to the particular groove width and screw turn round on the screw. (Our self reversing screws, do not utilise ball bearings in their linear travel). The video shows the basic mechanics of the design we utilise.

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