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High Helix Screws

The revolutionary high helix multi-start lead screws can offer leads of up to 6 x the diameter of the screw. This multi-start  lead screw product provides high linear nut speeds from low rotational screw speeds.  Aimed at replacing timing belt mechanisms or executing fast and reliable linear motion the efficient conversation of linear to rotary movement makes this unique product usable in many applications. Formed by the cold rolled forming process, the screws are proving to be a superb economical solution for high speed linear applications.



Using a comprehensive range of screw diameters from 8mm through to 36mm, and combining these with two standard types of nut, (Flanged preloaded or simple flanged)  results in a high integrity lead screw and nut product that is ready to be fitted directly into the application and perform.

The screws can be manufactured from Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium whilst the associated nuts are available in wear resistant thermoplastic (Plastic Polymer Nuts: - 40 deg C to + 60 deg C) or Bronze (Bronze Nuts: - 40 deg C to + 200 deg C) for higher loads or temperature. When choosing a High helix lead screw for your application you should consider that we can offer a standard Lead Accuracy 0.21mm / 300mm or a precision Lead Accuracy of 0.10mm / 300mm.

We offer a full end journal machining service with this product, so that the product can fit suitable radial and thrust bearings.


Non-preloaded SFM Diagram

SFM - POM-C, Black
SBM - Bronze



Axial-preloaded, if p0 > d0:
SFV - POM-C, Black


Axial-preloaded SFT Diagram

Axial-preloaded, if p0 ≤ d0
SFT - EX100, white

Speedy High-Helix Leadscrews

d0 = Nominal Screw diameter (mm)

d1 = Outer Screw Diamter (mm)

d2 = Screw Root Diameter (mm)

p0 = Nominal Pitch

p = Effective Pitch

g = Number of Starts

LnF = Length of nut body (type SFM)

LnB = Length of nut body (type SBM)

LvF = Length of nut body (Type SFV and SFT)

(L) = Left hand thread available

*Load rate for bronze nut = 1.3 x the value

Now also available in Aluminium. For each screw type we offer a preloaded, anti backlash nut or standard single nut designs, complete with flange for ease of connection.

Special designs of nuts can be supplied via our speedy engineering department.

High Helix Leadscrews


    Linear guides and rails

    High Helix Screws

    Linear guideways provide excellent load bearing linear motion by re-circulating rolling elements between a profiled rail and a bearing block. By primarily using a four ball path design, within the slide, delivers excellent rigidity and parallelism during operation. The guides can be used in both vertical and horizontal planes.

    GoABSSAC concentrates on the flanged mount and square mount versions of linear guides as these are considered ideal for use with lead screws...

    Support Bearings

    High Helix Screws

    ABSSAC supplies both radial and thrust bearings, complete with housings, to compliment their expanding lead screw and ball screw ranges. All bearings include the bearing set, bearing housing, snap ring, lock nut, spacer ring and retaining cover. Available to suit all shaft sizes, the range delivers robust radial and thrust protection in any rotary or linear application. Let us help you with your selection.

    GoThe latest range of  low-cost  precision quality thrust and radial bearing units from Abssac are ideally suited for lead screw and ball screw applications.

    Custom Solutions & Reverse Engineering

    High Helix Screws

    ABSSAC welcomes reverse engineering applications. Over the years, many customers have sent damaged leadscrews and nuts for us to measure and replicate, often as a result that dimensional drawings do not exist. Please contact one of our knowledgable sales engineers for further details.


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    High Helix Screws

    We provide a full range of quality, low cost lubricants for all our linear products including low vapour pressure greases for clean room and vacuum applications. For example the new Trigel line is specifically formulated to offer a lubrication solution for a wide range of linear motion applications. Please ask for further details.

    GoA full range of quality, low cost lubricants for all of our linear products.