Food Industry

The SCHMIDT-KUPPLUNG product range offers modified couplings for the food industry. A variety of compact and precision couplings are used in the production, processing and packaging.

Modern baking machines

One example is the Loewe GK series. Utilised in rotating rack ovens where uniform baking quality is required. An adapted axially stiff Loewe GK coupling with a special spigot shaft design, drives the turning and lifting of the inserted racks. As with all food industry applications, very high standards are required and the excellent axial stiffness, parallel and angular capabilities of the shaft coupling are ideal to the application parameters.

Shaft couplings in food processing

Utilising the shaft coupling Semiflex range. Many of the designs are employed in continuous systems in the meat processing industry. In one application food products are processed through several different chambers, involving a heat treatment section and the refrigeration section. The chambers are driven outside the product area by worm gears which in turn are driven by Semiflex shaft couplings. Different temperature ranges cause shaft misalignment and tension that are equalised by the compact precision Semiflex shaft coupling.

Packaging machines

The offset master; the Schmidt-Kupplung coupling manufactured entirely from stainless steel and equipped with advanced performance plain bearings provide torsionally stiff high-performance coupling connection for many packaging machines that require a large parallel shaft offset in a small overall length. Additionally, they are ideal for systems that are subject to frequent washing processes.

Let us help you identify the right shaft coupling for your particular application.


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