For processes involving roll forming machines, a variety of specific shape changes are usually applied to cast materials. Because these reshaping processes are often performed by rollers or by forges, the couplings have to be precise, torsionally rigid and robust. They also have to have high displacement and offset capacity.

The couplings from SCHMIDT-KUPPLUNG are employed in all kinds of roll feed systems. The compact and precise couplings in the Schmidt-Kupplung and Semiflex series are employed in precise and clocked work processes such as in the transportation of sheet metals, in cutting and punching products and in embossing rollers. The precision couplings are also used in drives for trimming shears, the final process in sheet metal processing.

Couplings from the Semiflex range are employed in profiling systems. Their compactness makes it possible for them to work in a very tight space at numerous profiling stations. Radial assembly and dismantling capacity allow individual stations to be added without the need to axially displace the components.

Please consult us about your application. We shall happily identify couplings, with you, that are configured for your particular application.

Tried and tested in many sectors: Precision couplings from SCHMIDT-KUPPLUNG GmbH

Sector-specific applications

We understand the applications in the most diverse sectors and have compiled a list of examples of sector-specific coupling designs and adaptations for you.

Sector-specific development

Our application technicians will be pleased to advise you and, together with you, will adapt couplings and designs specially to your specific requirements.

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