Plastic Material Industry

Shaft couplings used in the plastics industry have to satisfy a wide range of demands. Some have to work with absolute precision to guarantee an exact shape or a register-true pressure when laminating and printing plastic objects. Some have to provide a large displacement capacity for driving plastics calendaring and profiling systems. Alternatively, some have to be robust for crushing equipment and some have to be sensitive enough to pick up and transmit precise measuring results from sensors in automatic plate and roller formers. The requirements on the shaft couplings employed are wide and varied. The compact couplings from SCHMIDT-KUPPLUNG are employed in many different stations in plastics manufacturing and processing and in the subsequent recycling process.

Plastics manufacturing machinery uses couplings of the Semiflex and Schmidt-Kupplung . Used for mixing and kneading processes in extrusion systems due to their precision, compactness, large radial displacement and offsetting capacity. This includes extrusion machines for pipe, profile and panel extrusion and for belt and caterpillar-type capstans.

Plastics processing uses the Schmidt-Kupplung of the Power Plus series which are compact and offer both a large, variable radial offset with absolute synchronisation and a high torque transmission capacity. They are generally used in the plastics and rubber processing in the roller drives and calendar units.
Special vacuum versions of the Semiflex line of couplings provide the precision needed to satisfy the strict requirements of machinery in plastic painting systems under vacuum conditions.

Similarly, the couplings are also employed in film and plastics welding machines, e.g. for joining thermoplastics in the automotive industry. The couplings are also used in the final order-picking process for cutting and wrapping in film processing and in granulating mills for the plastics industry.

Recycling process

In recycling processes, mechanical engineers make use of the high torque transmission capacity offered by Schmidt couplings of the Power Plus series in recycling technology systems and in crushing machines.

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