Are you connecting a motor to a pump? 

Consider the ABSSAC and the TB Woods Sure-Flex® flexible shaft coupling range  which was designed specifically motor to pump connection. With over 35 years experience with TBWoods products, ABSSAC keeps large stocks to offer excellent drive connection solutions to your pump requirements. The easy to fit Sure-Flex® elastomeric shaft couplings rely on a proven element produced from an elastic polymer, to absorb the shaft misalignments but also transmit torque whilst simultaneously dealing with shock and vibration. Sure-Flex® shaft couplings can be installed quickly and easily because there are no bolts, gaskets, covers or seals. Alignment can be checked with a straight edge placed across the outside of the precision machined flanges. No special tools are needed for installation, alignment or removal.

No lubrication, trouble free operation….

Phil Jones, at ABSSAC says “ The teeth of the sleeve lock into the teeth of the flanges without clamps or screws, tightening under torque to provide smooth transmission of power. Since there is no rubbing action of metal against rubber to cause wear, the couplings are not affected by abrasives, dirt or moisture. This eliminates the need for lubrication or maintenance, whilst providing clean dependable, quiet performance.”

And its not just industrial pumps ABSSAC has been involved with. Using a precision cold rolled formed lead screw and nut assembly we have been trusted as the essential part of a medical syringe pump delivering precise drug dosages over time to the patient.

It doesn't stop there, ABSSAC also supplies a quality range of flexible element (disc) shaft couplings for the more demanding, larger applications. ABSSAC has recently supplied a complete set of stainless steel disc style couplings for use within a United Kingdom nuclear power plant. The winning the contract was achieved by being able to supply a complete disc style coupling, entirely manufactured from stainless steel within a tight time frame. In addition to this the keyways on the hubs had to be fitted at 90 degrees. Using the proven FORM-FLEX disc coupling design as the base, ABSSAC set about producing the hubs, discs, bolts, nuts and washers entirely from stainless steel, something that was proving difficult to procure from other manufacturers. Using a 4 bolt, single flex pack AR series design, the two shaft hubs are connected together by bolting the hubs at alternative points through the disc pack sets. This ensures that the driven torque is transmitted in direct tensions through the flex packs, whilst ensuring balance and parallelism. The FORM-FLEX coupling transmits torque while compensating for angular, parallel and axial misalignments between two connecting shafts. 

ATEX approved shaft couplings can be supplied with all the correct certification. Additionally the use of Carbon fibre floating shafts in combination with the FORM-FLEX shaft coupling to drive torque over larger distances.


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