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    Applications in agricultural machinery have often been challenging, but whether ABSSAC have been incorporated into new designs or updating old ones, our products  have been involved with applications from the tractor to the processing plant. ABSSAC works closely with the engineer to improve equipment so that it may work more efficiently, or perform new tasks. As a leading supplier of innovative rotary and linear products, ABSSAC brings the resources together of one of the most diverse product lines in the industry.  Agricultural Engineering is the area concerned with the design, construction and improvement of farming equipment and machinery and ABSSAC's ability to support and maintain a ‘platform approach’ in the development of products helps them meet even your most demanding production and delivery requirements. 

    From the ploughed field to advanced farming machinery

    ABSSAC's products offer legitimate advantages over the competition in terms of performance and adaptability for agricultural applications. Whether involved with Soil Cultivation, Planting, Fertilising & Pest Control, Produce Sorting, Harvesting or Post Harvesting ABSSAC's linear and rotary products reliably operate under arduous duty cycles time after time. 

    Something full of air

    A recent challenge ABSSAC faced was to develop a flexible shaft coupling that could be used in the drive assembly of an “Aerator” used in the oxygenation of water in fish spawning ponds and small lakes. Aeration is especially required in times of hot weather where the oxygen concentration within the water can fall and have a detrimental effect on spawning.  The old procedure involved a fast rotating agitating propeller, placed below the surface of the water, whilst simultaneously compressed air was piped to just behind the rotating propeller to allow a mix and aeration to take place. Although this original process did work, it was not very efficient as the air hose would often move from the optimum position, requiring constant maintenance and monitoring during operation. In the original design, the immersed propeller was driven via shafting and a series of "cardan style" u-joints, which also required an environmentally friendly lubrication. ABSSAC was initially approached by the manufacturer of the aeration equipment, to look at a solution to replace the current drive system of universal joints and look at ways of incorporating a dry coat lubricant. 

    However, it was quickly realised that the drive solution offered by ABSSAC could also aid in the quest to improve aeration.   The Helical beam coupling by design has a hollow centre and this proved to be a big advantage to the application, the final shaft coupling design could not only handle the angular offset and torque required, but cleverly would allow a compressed air tube to be fed through the middle so that oxygen could directly be fed to the middle of the agitating propeller. The end result increased aeration rate by 30%. Moreover, the single piece U-joint design also supported the propeller shaft at the motor end eliminating the need for a bearing. Additionally its one piece stainless steel construction did not need lubrication or suffer from oxidation.

    With ABSSAC’s flexible beam coupling product, customers have been able to take their standard coupling designs to the next level, by incorporating features into the original shaft coupling design. By simply allowing the development of innovative connection solutions from the standard helical beam shaft coupling design, has opened up a plethora of opportunities to the design engineer.  The hidden potential of expanding how a shaft coupling physically connects within an application, which is often left to standard grub screw or locking clamp, can enhance the overall efficiency of an application.

    Something connected

    ABSSAC's range of Power screws are normally used to allow the transmission of rotary movement to be converted into a linear one. Recently they were approached by a niche trailer manufacturer.  The application used our low cost cold rolled trapezoidal screws extensively on a towed trailer design to adjust the latching points on a large swing door assembly. This was a customer who was not interested in ultimate precision, just a reliable fix at a low cost. The customer also wanted be able to weld directly to the screw. ABSSAC was able to satisfy the customer on all counts.  The POWERSCREW program of cold rolled leadscrews and associated nuts are an excellent cost effecient product and ABSSAC continues to explore new markets where the product can bring along its advantages.



    Something Autonomous 

    As with a lot of industrial equipment, Agricultural equipment is moving ever closer to autonomous farming, so that ultimately yields increase but also help reduce chemical use and save cost. Some of these smart machines are capable of identifying every plant during planting, automatically thin, plant and deliver a precision spray to each newly placed plant. The whole smart machine process requires precision linear and rotary movement within its mechansims.  Similarly, the operation of seed drilling is becoming increasingly a computer controlled regime, where planted seed density is calculated alongside geographical topography and sunlight maximisation. Again, seed delivery systems and the hoppers all require mechanical connections, such as shaft couplings and acme threads. Demand drives innovation and applications such as the retrofitting of existing tractor units with technology to automate the whole driving operation are well underway. Other examples of ABSSAC's success have been in agricultural processing plants where demand for flexible drive shaft couplings on conveyors, processing machinery and dryers, where precision products from ABSSAC are being utilised to maximise results.



     Engineering service and support at every step 

    ABSSAC and great customer service are synonymous. They are a company that understands how important it is to deliver responsive quoting and pricing. They also understand your desire for new solutions and better technologies.   On every application, reliable torque transmission with minimal downtime makes the range of shaft couplings available from ABSSAC a worthy partner. Our engineers are innovators at heart who take pride in solving problems in the best way possible. By getting to know your needs and getting involved in the early stages of design, we deliver effective, cost-saving solutions.

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