• FPN Flanged Plastic Nut

FPN Flanged Plastic Nut

The Flanged Plastic nut FPN are compatible with the POWER screw sizes in the table shown below and are intended for use with with Stainless Steel screws only. Although lubrication is suggested, there is a certain amount of self lubrication during operation should using lubricants be a problem. All plastic nuts exhibit excellent wear characteristics. Attachment of the nut is via the counter sunk holes on the flange which allow flush flange face fixing. Flanged plastic nuts are ideal for standard pitches and lighter duty. Other plastic nut shapes ad fixing adaptations can be supplied on request.


The Flanged Plastic nut FPN is compatible with the following POWER screw sizes


Plastic - PA6+MoS2+additives

FPN Power Nut

FPN Diagram


(1) Total bearing surface between screw and nut teeth on plane perpendicular to axis.

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