Our standard Anti-Backlash lead nuts are available on several thread forms. The anti-backlash feature compensates for clearance or wear between the leadscrew and nut when reversing the direction of movement. 

Eliminating backlash from lead screw nut designs has always been a demanding task. To eliminate the backlash often meant a sacrifice in drag torque….but not any more. Rolled acme screws are an excellent economical solution for your linear motion requirements. For well over 30 years Abssac has supplied the highest quality lead screw assemblies and has remained at the forefront of new technology associated nut designs. Two new nut designs are at the leading edge of high accuracy.

The new AB nut designs rely on a revolutionary Cross Cam design,  to eliminate backlash, maintain a high axial stiffness but simultaneously reduce drag friction. Normal split nut designs with a loaded spring between the two halves eliminate backlash, but inherently have high drag torques and lower thresholds where axial stiffness can be maintained. The new Cross Cam units eliminate these problems. The new AB nut designs can be attached to the application via the integral flange mounted style nut “ABF” or by the thread mounted version “AB”.  The nuts compliment cold rolled formed stainless steel acme screws from 4mm diameter though to 16mm diameter, combined with a range of leads in each diameter. There is a real demand for high accuracy rolled acme screws, but traditionally nut designs have trailed behind in terms of performance. These new nut designs bring a low cost alternative to the designer whilst maintaining a high degree of performance. When you combine this with the massive range of rolled screw formats we offer we have a formidable package to offer the end user.

Abssac’s latest design called the  “ABFT NUT” has been designed for the lighter load OEM type application, where smooth movement and low drag torque for continuous axial loads up to 10lbs (4.5kg) are required. The new nut design utilises the latest technology in injection moulding techniques to produce the precision form complete with an integral three holed attachment flange for ease of connection to the application. An external spring and collar arrangement creates the axial preload to eliminate the backlash when on the screw. The new “ABFT” nut design compliments the extensive range of diameters and leads of cold rolled precision formed acme screw also available from Abssac particularly for diameters from 6mm through to 7/16inch.

Standard Features:

  • Turcite™ X polymer nuts in  Anti-Backlash design.
  • Lead nuts are available in ACME, Unified National V, Metric V, and Trapezoidal (Metric Acme) thread forms.
  • Optional Flanges can be assembled to our Plain or Anti-Backlash nuts for additional mounting options.
  • Very Low Drag torque during operation.
  • Drag Torque is bi-directionally stable resulting in higher positional accuracy in both directions.
  • Low Radial-lash during operation.
  • Thermally balanced Stainless Steel cam maintains low levels of drag torque even in high and low temperatures.
  • Automatically adjusts and compensates for wear maintaining features and benefits to system.

Flange Mounts

An optional Aluminium flange that can be installed on our line of  Anti-Backlash lead nuts for additional mounting options.

RoundRectangleLarge TriangleSmall Triangle

Flange Mounts - Round

Flange Mounts - Rectangle

Flange Mounts - Large Triangle

Flange Mounts - Small Triangle


Precision Metric Leadscrew

ScrewsAvailable Nuts
Precision Metric LeadscrewMatching AB NutMatching ABF NutMatching ABFT NutMatching SNAB NutRound FlangeRectangle FlangeLarge Triangle FlangeSmall Triangle Flange
Thread NameDia.
Matching AB NutMatching ABF NutMatching ABFT NutMatching SNAB NutRound FlangeRectangle FlangeLarge Triangle FlangeSmall Triangle Flange
M3 x 0.5030.5     
M4 x 0.7040.7     
M5 x 0.8050.8     
M6 x 1.061 
M8 x 1.081     
M8 x 1.2581     
M10 X 1.25101.25     
M10 x 1.50101.5     
M10 x 2102   
M10 x 310.003.00   
M10 x 510.005.00   
M10 x 1010.0010.00   
M10 x 2010.0020.00   
M10 x 3510.0035.00   
M12 x 1.50121.5      
M12 x 1.75121.75      
M12 x 312.003.00    
M12 x 412.004.00    
M12 x 512.005.00    
M12 x 612.006.00    
M12 x 1012.0010.00    
M12 x 1512.0015.00    
M12 x 2512.0025.00    
M12 x 4512.0045.00    
M14 x 2.0142      
M16 x 1.50161.5      
M16 x 2.0162      
M16 x 416.004.00    
M16 x 516.005.00    
M16 x 816.008.00    
M16 x 1616.0016.00    
M16 x 2516.0025.00    
M16 x 3516.0035.00    
M20 x 420.004.00    
M20 x 820.008.00    
M20 x 1220.0012.00    
M20 x 1620.0016.00    
M20 x 2020.0020.00    
M20 x 4520.0045.00    
M24 x 524.005.00     
Key:   • Available


ACME Leadscrew

ScrewsAvailable Nuts
ACME LeadscrewMatching AB NutMatching ABF NutMatching ABFT NutRound FlangeRectangle FlangeLarge Triangle FlangeSmall Triangle Flange
Thread Name (inch)Thread Diameter (inch)Threads per InchThread StartsThread TypeThread Lead (inch)
Matching AB NutMatching ABF NutMatching ABFT NutRound FlangeRectangle FlangeLarge Triangle FlangeSmall Triangle Flange
5/16-8-25/16INCH82stub acme0.25     
5/16-8-45/16INCH84stub acme0.5     
3/8-10-13/8 INCH101acme0.1    
3/8-10-23/8 INCH102acme0.2    
3/8-12-13/8 INCH121acme0.0833    
3/8-12-23/8 INCH122acme0.1667    
3/8-16-13/8 INCH161acme0.0625    
3/8-20-13/8 INCH201acme0.05    
3/8-4-53/8 INCH45stub acme1.25    
3/8-5-53/8 INCH55stub acme1    
3/8-8-13/8 INCH81stub acme0.125    
3/8-8-23/8 INCH82stub acme0.25    
3/8-8-33/8 INCH83stub acme0.375    
3/8-8-43/8 INCH84stub acme0.5    
7/16-8-27/16INCH82stub acme0.25    
7/16-8-47/16INCH84stub acme0.5    
5/8-8-15/8INCH81stub acme0.125     
5/8-8-25/8INCH82stub acme0.25     
5/8-8-45/8INCH84stub acme0.5     
1.0-10-11.0 INCH101acme0.1     
1.0-8-11.0 INCH81acme0.125     
1.0-5-11.0 INCH51acme0.2     
1.0-4-11.0 INCH41acme0.25     
1.0-10-51.0 INCH105ACME0.5     
1.0-10-101.0 INCH1010ACME1     
Key:   • Available


Vee Thread Leadscrew

ScrewsAvailable Nuts
Vee Thread LeadscrewMatching AB NutMatching ABF Nut
Vee Thread NameDia.
(mm) / (INCH)
(mm) / (INCH)
Matching AB NutMatching ABF Nut
Key:   • Available


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