Adaptive shaft coupling technology

Friday 1st August 2008
Adaptive shaft coupling technology

Any coupling manufacturer can provide a range of bores sizes within their shaft coupling ranges. After all, this is the essence of the generic products adaptability. The list of suppliers probably starts to shrink dramatically when you require small adaptations of the standard range of shaft couplings .Then when a little bit more thought and attention is required to how the shaft coupling performs and physically connects to the application, help is hard to find.

Abssac's Helical Beam style couplings take the hassle out of connecting drive shafts. Commonly used as one of the best ways of transmitting rotation from one shaft to another, the shaft coupling's simplistic single piece construction totally eliminates any form of friction wear during operation, whilst also ensuring a zero-backlash and no torque loss operation.

Naturally there is a range of standard products that cater for shaft sizes from 1mm up to 50mm but adapting the standard product to a bespoke design is quite straight forward and common practice to Abssac limited. In fact the Helical Beam coupling can actually serve the design engineer a whole lot more. End attachments such as, splines, gears, timing belts, clutches, threaded bores can also be added to the basic design. Another string to the bow, is the products unique capability to utilize the single, double or triple beam configuration to change torsional and torque capabilities but maintaining the same physical dimensions.

Abssac spends more time identifying the functionality of the coupling and often amalgamate different parts of the working design into the single part shaft coupling.

Stacey Taylor at Abssac says, "Many of our customers are now on fifth revision shaft coupling designs as we move and evolve with their product development".

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