Measuring Systems

Sensors and measuring systems are used for recording changes in position (linear or rotary) and normally identify distance, direction of travel and geometrical data. Shaft couplings must guarantee the exact and precise recording and reproduction of the measuring pulses. In many cases it is not the transmission of torque that is the defining reason why a shaft coupling is chosen. Moreover it is the torsional stiffness versus the radial loading it exerts during operation . The Controlflex shaft coupling is a precision coupling that has been developed to meet the mechanical requirements of measured value recorders - encoders, rotary transducers and tachogenerators.

The design of the flexible element provides for shaft misalignment whilst simultaneously  delivering torsionally stiff rotary operation. Apart from the standard versions for encoders with full shaft, we are also able to offer special versions of the Controlflex for specific customer applications. These include, shaft couplings with an unique shafts or customer-specific adapters. In addition, couplings are available with additional form fit for shaft encoders and limit switches for stage technology and elevator technology.

Please consult us about your application. We shall happily identify couplings with you that are configured for your particular application.

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