Materials Handling

Many of our shaft coupling designs can be seen In modern logistics, materials handling systems optimising material flows within a machine. Here, our shaft couplings provide precise, reliable and smooth operation.

Shaft couplings for roller conveyors

So-called roller conveyors are mainly required for transporting small goods of low weight and compact dimensions. Here, the small goods concerned are moved along transport rollers arranged at right angles to the direction of conveyance. Conveyance systems often work at varying transport speeds or in cycle operation. Couplings of the Semiflex range are used with servomotors to reliably drive the conveyor rollers. In order to achieve turn-key conveyor systems, individual modules are combined and linked in a modular system. The space-saving couplings are often used as radially mounted couplings with split-clamp hubs. The great displacement capacity of the precision couplings guarantees the setting of the conveying level for individual component modules.

Shaft couplings for belt conveyors

Transport conveyors or belt conveyors are used for the continual transport of bulk goods such as palatalisation. The actual conveyor is a continuous belt that moves on load-bearing rollers. The belt surfaces can be chosen to allow gradients to be managed without the goods on the belt slipping. The complete system is divided into individual segments, each with a different task, length and speed. Deflection stations allow the goods to be transported around corners. The precision of couplings of the Semiflex range guarantee the synchronisation and coordination of the individual segments. The compact design of the coupling supports the compactness of the complete transport system.

Please consult us about your application. We shall happily identify couplings, with you, that are configured for your particular application.

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