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    Test and test again.......

    Engineers know exactly how much effort goes into any new product launch. Whether on land, sea or air, ABSSAC has some truly innovative products that are ideal for prototype rig use. Engineers in the design phase of a motion control related project are faced with the selection of many components, from motors and leadscrews to bearings and fasteners. This is exactly were ABSSAC can help. For example, our range of machined springs give unparalleled load performance for those critical applications. By the nature of the product design, the feedback of spring rate from this product make it truly unique in the world of springs. It can literally enhance performance or provide more accurate research data.

    With nearly all test rigs there is always a point where the motor is required to drive the test apparatus. How you connect, or more importantly how often you connect and disconnect during a test phase can have serious  life time service issues for the connecting shaft coupling or bearings. If the application requires quick connection and disconnection of the motor then ABSSAC has cost effective quick release shaft couplings, that exhibit very low side loads, so that both these areas of concern can be significantly reduced.

    From small acorns...

    Whether it is a quick fit hydraulic hub shaft connection, a 90 degree flexible shaft coupling or a device that requires precise linear motion, ABSSAC has the products and expertise to assist you get an affordable solution to your power transmission challenges. ABSSAC likes to be involved from the start of any innovative apparatus, we we can offer our 35 years of experience, but are also quite happy to replace older designs of linear and rotary power transmission equipment as greater demands or performance are required. 

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    Products that accurately and reliably  move in a linear motion

    Ball Screws Ground

    Ball Screw Rolled

    Ball Screw Transport

    Leadscrew and Nuts Precision

    Leadscrew and Nuts for Power

    Lead Screw and Nuts, High Helix angle

    Satellite Roller Screws

    Self-Reversing Screws

    Linear Guides & Rails

    Support Bearings for lead, ball and roller screws

    Splined Shafts

    End Machining of screws for bearings

    Products that effectively connect and  transmit rotary  motion

    ETP hub shaft product

    Budgetbeam shaft couplings

    Jaw style shaft couplings

    Sureflex for pumps to motor connection

    Schmidt Offset Coupling

    Rigid solid couplings



    Flexible Disc high torque shaft couplings

    Helical beam couplings 

    Universal Joints

    X Slot shaft couplings

    Metal Bellows flexible shaft couplings

    Take a standard product and tweak it...

    Custom Lead Screws & Nuts - machined 

    Custom Shaft Couplings - 90 degree angular offset in one piece

    Schmidt Offset Coupling - large parallel offset of shaft in a small DBSE

    Machined springs - springs made from solid with precise linear spring rates

    Electroforms - Unique metallic shapes and devices that cannot be made by machining   

    ETP Hydraulic bushes - Quick, unique, precise hub and shaft connection

    Carbon Composite - Bellville washer springs, light, accurate, tuneable

    Satellite Roller Screws - 5 time the load of any equivalent ball screw with incredible accuracy

    Edge welded bellows

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