Success in Research & Development

Engineers know exactly how much effort goes into any new product launch. Whether on land, sea or air, ABSSAC has some truly innovative products that are ideal for prototype and feasability use. Engineers in the design phase of a motion control related projects are faced with the selection of many components, from motors and leadscrews to bearings and fasteners. This is exactly were ABSSAC can help.

During the design thinking process, physically testing the product design is essential, especially if you need to demonstrate that the concept works. Reliable product selection is paramount to confidently demonstrate the basics of any design. ABSSAC's 4 decades of application experience can help to ensure that performance, reliability and budget are incorporated into product selection. We dont just sell a product, which is exactly why many customers return to ABSSAC year on year !

Knowledgeable people, always available.....

Trust in the chain of supply is paramount in any product development and with 4 decades of business behind ABSSAC we are here for the long term. Utilising the best technologies to acheive outstanding results. Let us help with your product development challenges.

From small acorns...

Whether it is a quick fit hydraulic hub shaft connection, a 90 degree flexible shaft coupling or a device that requires precise linear motion, ABSSAC has the products and expertise to assist you get an affordable solution to your power transmission challenges. ABSSAC likes to be involved from the start of any innovative apparatus, we we can offer our many years of experience, but are also quite happy to replace older designs of linear and rotary power transmission equipment as greater demands or performance are required.

With nearly all test rigs there is always a point where the motor is required to drive the test apparatus. How you connect, or more importantly how often you connect and disconnect during a test phase can have serious  life time service issues for the connecting shaft coupling or bearings. If the application requires quick connection and disconnection of the motor then ABSSAC has cost effective quick release shaft couplings, that exhibit very low side loads, so that both these areas of concern can be significantly reduced.

Let’s work together to reduce your scrap rates and supply mechanical solutions that fit directly into your application, every time. ABSSAC can work directly from dimensional drawings or if they do not exist, they accept the physical sample for them to reverse engineer. Although all types of end machine detail can be employed ABSSAC offers a very competitive basic end journal machining that fits their range of support bearings

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  • Success in Research & Development
  • Many staff at ABSSAC have been here for decades
    Many staff at ABSSAC have been here for decades
  • Concept to test part
    Concept to test part
  • Be Innovative  - Amalgamation of parts within a system
    Be Innovative - Amalgamation of parts within a system
  • Pride can be found in everything we do
    Pride can be found in everything we do
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