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    Faster, Greater, Innovation...

    Over the years we have maintained preferred supplier status, to many names synonymous with the motor sport industry. Supplying machine springs, lead screws, ball screws and many more products has delivered precision movement, which we like to think has helped shave milliseconds off lap times. Off the track we have helped in the research and development of advanced wind tunnel apparatus providing the linear movement on baffles and dynamic sensors. Our innovative mechanical products have help the customer go quicker and be greater. 

    For example, the development and optimisation of high-performance components for within the motor racing industry like the Carbon Composite Bellows™ Spring (CCBS) has always made us stand out from crowd. This is a new technology developed by Hyperco which improves spring performance by delivering a consistent, reliable motion that reduces the variables in the race car platform.

    A standard CCBS installation has some unique advantages:

    It is up to 66% lighter than a traditional spring and up to 50% lighter than a Titanium Spring.
    It Is tunable simply by adding or removing spring elements in either ‘series’ or 'parallel’ orientation for optimising performance of both travel and rate.
    It functions by bending instead of torsion, so side force and friction are virtually eliminated, wear on shock absorber shafts and seals is reduced, and mechanical grip is increased at the contact patch of the tyre.
    It allows you to create a system of elements that can be configured, tuned and optimised for all of your application and performance requirements.

    Engineering challenges are always better faced with a partner and ABSSAC can supply innovative rotary component connections or Linear precision through its lead and ball screw ranges. Our goals are to provide engineering solutions by offering outstanding value backed by attentive and committed service.



    Full Throttle

    One Motorsports application involved a manufacturer of racing engines that needed to connect the individual throttle valves together on an IndyCar race engine. The throttle valves regulate the flow of air into each combustion chamber on the fuel injected engine. This is then connected to the throttle linkage, which is controlled by the driver's foot pedal.The flexible coupling was used to compensate for normal misalignments caused by manufacturing tolerances and distortion of the manifold containing all the throttle bores. Another concern was the extremely high vibration levels from engines running at 13,000 RPM, and forces caused by the high engine torque.  The most difficult problem the flexible coupling had to overcome was the vibration forces and twisting caused by the high torque of the engine, in addition to the normal tolerances and misalignments in the manufacture of the manifolds. The units were extensively tested and proven to accomplish everything the customer wanted in a flexible shaft coupling.

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    Products that accurately and reliably  move in a linear motion

    Ball Screws Ground

    Ball Screw Rolled

    Ball Screw Transport

    Leadscrew and Nuts Precision

    Leadscrew and Nuts for Power

    Lead Screw and Nuts, High Helix angle

    Satellite Roller Screws

    Self-Reversing Screws

    Linear Guides & Rails

    Support Bearings for lead, ball and roller screws

    Splined Shafts

    End Machining of screws for bearings

    Products that effectively connect and  transmit rotary  motion

    ETP hub shaft product

    Budgetbeam shaft couplings

    Jaw style shaft couplings

    Sureflex for pumps to motor connection

    Schmidt Offset Coupling

    Rigid solid couplings



    Flexible Disc high torque shaft couplings

    Helical beam couplings 

    Universal Joints

    X Slot shaft couplings

    Metal Bellows flexible shaft couplings

    Take a standard product and tweak it...

    Custom Lead Screws & Nuts - machined 

    Custom Shaft Couplings - 90 degree angular offset in one piece

    Schmidt Offset Coupling - large parallel offset of shaft in a small DBSE

    Machined springs - springs made from solid with precise linear spring rates

    Electroforms - Unique metallic shapes and devices that cannot be made by machining   

    ETP Hydraulic bushes - Quick, unique, precise hub and shaft connection

    Carbon Composite - Bellville washer springs, light, accurate, tuneable

    Satellite Roller Screws - 5 time the load of any equivalent ball screw with incredible accuracy

    Edge welded bellows

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