Success in Medical

Excelling in the Medical sector, ABSSAC has nurtured longstanding partnerships with companies focused on specialized products for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Our manufacturing processes are meticulously designed to uphold the stringent cleanliness and quality standards required by the most demanding medical applications. Our expertise has been recognized with the prestigious Pharmatex Innovation Awards, highlighting the exceptional contribution of our machined spring to the industry.

Utilising manufacturing processes that are designed to support the rigid cleanliness and quality standards of the most demanding medical applications. Many of the parts and assemblies we supply are used in surgical equipment applications. To meet this high standard and maintain a completely sterile environment, we have developed highly specialised methods for finishing, cleaning, packaging, and shipping of our products.

You can count on our engineering team to provide project support through advanced quality planning and precision production methods. We are always available to help you develop the parameters to optimise your product design or address product packaging considerations that will facilitate line-automation techniques. Our customers rely on us to assure product compliance through our versatility and continuous improvement methodology. We are experts at producing risk assessments, developing fast prototypes as well as producing preliminary pilot production.

This comprehensive approach to component manufacturing ensures optimal performance of all of the medical devices we help develop.

The right methods and materials for any operation

Precise production and quality control is essential in the manufacturing of life-saving products. We offer unsurpassed expertise in surgical materials such as stainless steel, Nitronic®, Elgiloy®, and titanium. Having this metallurgical expertise is what enables us to manufacture and supply precision products from materials smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

All of our internal processing methods and system requirements comply with ISO 9001:2008 and are designed to help speed your time to market. Each process is specially developed in a controlled system that is unique to the type of component we are manufacturing. Our processes include nitric/citric passivation, tube packaging, cycle testing, burnishing/polishing, resistance welding, degreasing, shot peening, tray packaging, high-speed spring grinding and cold setting.

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  • Success in Medical
  • Medical application
    Medical application
  • Medical applications demand quality
    Medical applications demand quality
  • Precision lead screws are used within syringe delivery systems
    Precision lead screws are used within syringe delivery systems
  • Precision ball screws and Lead screws
    Precision ball screws and Lead screws
  • Intelligent clutch and braking
    Intelligent clutch and braking
  • Precision lead screw provide excellent accuracy
    Precision lead screw provide excellent accuracy
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