Success in Machine Tools

Machine tools have gradually evolved over the past millennia and are used to manufacture metal components of machines through machining, a process whereby metal is selectively removed to create a desired shape. Ranging from simple to complex pieces, machines tools can produce parts of different shapes and sizes.  Today, machine tools are used on computerised numerical control (CNC) machines, which can repeat sequences with high levels of precision and produce complex pieces of various sizes and shapes.

In order for any these processes to happen there has to be a high degree of accuracy in both motor to driven shaft or linear position. By the nature of the machine tool parts wear or break and this is where ABSSAC can help. We stock high torsional stiffness shaft couplings that are ideal for servo motor or encoder connection. We also stock a range of lead screw and ball screws, including linear rails,  that can be supplied machined and ready to fit within the machine. 

To date we have had success supplying parts for the following type of machine tool:

Milling machines
Grinding machine
Broaching Machines
EDM machines

Challenges are always better faced with a partner and ABSSAC can supply innovative rotary component connections or Linear precision through its lead and ball screw ranges. Our goals are to provide engineering solutions by offering outstanding value backed by attentive and committed service.


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  • Success in Machine Tools
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