• BXR-LE Safety Brakes

BXR-LE Safety Brakes

A built-in dedicated controller provides a range of benefits, including an ultra-thin profile, reduced energy consumption, lower heat emissions, higher torque and a longer service life.

This model is part of the  spring-actuated type brakes, which work in conjunction with a small 24VDC controller. The controller regulates the energy required to maintain the released state of the brake. It is through this control that benefits such as energy-saving, low heat generation and compactness is achieved.

Brake torque
Outer diameter of brake
26 mm to 71 mm
Operating temperature
Brake -10°C~40°C、Controller -20°C~60°C



  • BXR-LE Safety Brakes
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    • Published: Thursday 14th February 2019
    • Updated: Tuesday 26th March 2019


Vertically articulated robot

The vertically articulated robot is the BXR LE model with ultra-thin design made possible by operation with a dedicated controller. As an ultra-thin model, its brakes are mounted on the output axle, making effective use of limited space. The dedicated controller also enables energy conservation.

Overall view of equipment used

Overall view of equipment used

Enlarged view

Enlarged view

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