• Precision Lead Screw Nut MTS2520

Flanged Nut MTS - ACETAL

Developed using state of the art injection moulding techniques delivers a robust and very cost effective flanged nut body nut design. Available in round or triangular  flange formats, this simple but effective design has been reliably used in many different linear applications over the years.

MTS Lead Nut

Material: Bearing grade Acetal

MTS Lead Nut B diagram

MTS Lead Nut A diagram

 Part No.Max Dynamic Torque (N)Dia. (mm)Lead (mm)Dimensions
 A (mm)B (mm)D (mm)E (mm)F (mm)I (mm)BCD (mm)
Type AMTS4X1M1114112.719.
Type AMTS4-4X1M4         
Type AMTS8-4X1M8         
Type AMTS6X1M61111       
Type AMTS4-6X1.5M66        
Type AMTS8-6X1.5M612        
Type AMTS9-6X2M618        
Type AMTS8X2M81112       
Type AMTS2-8X2M84        
Type AMTS4-8X2M88        
Type AMTS6-8X2M812        
Type AMTS10-8X2M820        
Type BMTS10X2M (L)111333410212.71819.138.125.438.
Type BMTS10X3M (L)3         
Type BMTS2-10X2M4         
Type BMTS2-10X2.5M5         
Type BMTS4-10X1.5M6         
Type BMTS5-10X2M10         
Type BMTS5-10X2.4M12         
Type BMTS6-10X3.3M20         
Type AMTS12X2MV11133355641012212.71819.
Type AMTS12X3M3         
Type AMTS2-12X2M4         
Type AMTS2-12X2.5M5         
Type AMTS3-12X2M6         
Type AMTS4-12X2.5M10         
Type AMTS6-12X2.5M15         
Type AMTS8-12X2M16         
Type AMTS10-12X2.5M25         
Type AMTS16X4M (L)7781113335561641012422.412.71819.141.419.
Type AMTS2-16X2.5M7785        
Type AMTS4-16X2M7788        
Type AMTS7-16X2.3M77816        
Type AMTS5-16X5M77825        
Type AMTS7-16X5M77835        
Type AMTS20X4M (L)1223111333556162041012422.428.612.71819.141.444.519.
Type AMTS2-20X4M12238        
Type AMTS3-20X4M122312        
Type AMTS4-20X4M122316        
Type AMTS5-20X4M122320        
Type AMTS9-20X5M122345        
Type AMTS10-20X5M122350        

(L) = Left hand thread available

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