• Precision Lead Screw Nut XCF3712

Flanged Mount Anti Backlash XCF

The XCF nut incorporates the ActiveCAM design with three integral flange mount options. The design utilises a rigid stainless steel cam that automatically rotates and produces higher axial rigidity without sacrificing life, torque or positional accuracy. The ActiveCAM will automatically compensate for wear and deliver exceptional repeatability throughout the life of the nut. The ActiveCAM design, which replaces older spring loaded nut technologies, produces zero backlash and consistent minimal drag torque up to the rated load capacity of the nut.

The main difference between the ActiveCAM design and traditional compression spring assemblies is the way that they work. A conventional compression spring assembly forces the threads of the nut portions against the screw threads, thereby splitting the nuts apart to eliminate backlash. The ActiveCAM design uses a rigid stainless steel spacer, which looks like a sleeve, and performs the biasing. The biasing is produced by an internal torsion spring that rotates the sleeve. On the end of the sleeve there is a cam, which rotates and self-compensates for wear, or for play between members and the shaft. One of the main features of the ActiveCAM plastic nut assembly is the ability to be dropped into any application where precise motion and rigid strength is needed with loads up to 114 Kg, yet costs less than half the price of a traditional ballscrew. Inherent compounds that make up the plastic used in the design, means that these assemblies do not need to be lubricated making them ideal for applications with clean or arduous environments.

XCF Anti-Backlash Nut

Material: Bearing grade Acetal

XCF Anti-Backlash Nut A diagram

XCF Anti-Backlash Nut B diagram

XCF Anti-Backlash Nut C diagram

 Part No.Max Dynamic Load (N)Dia. (mm)Lead (mm)Dimensions
 A (mm)B (mm)D (mm)E (mm)F (mm)H (mm)I (mm)BCD (mm)
Type AXCF6X1M446116.33030.
Type AXCF4-6X1.5M6          
Type AXCF8-6X1.5M12          
Type BXCF8X2M4411168216.320.63047.630.238.93.654.15.116.8xx12.222.928.6
Type BXCF2-8X2M4          
Type BXCF4-8X2M8          
Type BXCF6-8X2M12          
Type BXCF10-8X2M20          
Type BXCF10X2M (L)10441112        
Type BXCF10X3M (L)103         
Type BXCF2-10X2M104         
Type BXCF2-10X2.5M105         
Type BXCF4-10X1.5M106         
Type BXCF5-10X2M1010         
Type BXCF5-10X2.4M1012         
Type BXCF6-10X3.3M1020         
Type CXCF12X2MV441115566812216.320.628.53047.657.230.238.944.53.655.
Type CXCF12X3M3          
Type CXCF2-12X2M4          
Type CXCF2-12X2.5M5          
Type CXCF3-12X2M6          
Type CXCF4-12X2.5M10          
Type CXCF6-12X2.5M15          
Type CXCF8-12X2M16          
Type CXCF10-12X2.5M25          
Type CXCF16X4M (L)77844111556166812435.616.320.628.5663047.657.
Type CXCF2-16X2.5M7785         
Type CXCF4-16X2M7788         
Type CXCF7-16X2.3M77816         
Type CXCF5-16X5M77825         
Type CXCF7-16X5M77835         

(L) = Left hand thread available

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