To Go or Not to Go

Friday 25th May 2012
To Go or Not to Go

Using 316 Stainless Steel, ABSSAC was recently requested to supply a stub thread acme form with tight tolerances on effective diameter and pitch. In fact, to be absolutely sure that the new product was totally interchangeable with existing equipment, the customer provided Abssac with some Go-No-Go gauges. Using these gauges as an integral part of the quality process during manufacturing did not ensure a size in the conventional sense, but instead ensure a constant state. The state is either acceptable with the parts within tolerance and are then used or it is unacceptable and then must be rejected.

Supplying 1 metre lengths of a stub thread acme screw 1.5inches in diameter and with a 6 T.P.I. (threads per inch) lead, the marine application was supplied under budget and in good time. For more information on the linear products we can supply why not use the following link :Linear Products

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