Shaft couplings are free to test

Tuesday 2nd February 2010
Shaft couplings are free to test

Do you use flexible shaft couplings within your applications ?

You might not be aware of the operational advantages the original helical beam style shaft coupling can give to the design. Available from Abssac, they are the only helical beam shaft coupling in the world that can be supplied with a range of torque capacities from within the same physical blank size.

This is achieved by uniquely being able to alter the torque transmitting structure of the helical beam in pitch, coil thickness and the amount of starts from single double or triple configuration. Then by adding your choice of attachment to the shaft and a wide material choice provides limitless design permutations.

Abssac is so confident that the award winning shaft coupling product can have an operational advantage over other styles of shaft coupling, that it is offering a free coupling to test, to prove the point.

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