Nickle plated telescopic universal joints

Monday 25th November 2019
Nickle plated telescopic universal joints

A universal joint is a mechanical device that allows two shafts not in line with each other limited freedom of movement in any direction whilst transmitting rotary motion. They are therefore an excellent and reliable way of transmitting torque through an angular shaft offset. 

Available in alloy steel, stainless steel or special materials, the single joint configuration can accept up to 25 degrees of angular misalignment where as the double joint designs can accept up to 50 degrees of shaft misalignment.  Model designs can include needle bearings, hardened bushes or plain pin, depending on torque and speed requirements.

Custom designs are welcomed, including specific surface coatings. The above photo shows some telescopic universal joint packed in oil, as per customer specification, that were nickle plated. Telescopic universal joints are double joints with needle roller or plain internal bearings. However, the central shaft consists of a sliding splined section which allows the linear adjustment between shaft ends.

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