Linear guides compliment lead and ball screws

Thursday 6th February 2020
Linear guides compliment lead and ball screws

Linear guideways provide excellent load bearing linear motion by re-circulating rolling elements between a profiled rail and a bearing block.

By primarily using a four ball path design, within the slide, allows the guides to accept up to 30% more load and up to 30% stiffer than similar products in the market. An added bonus is that the ball bearings are retained within the housing so that should the guides come off the end of the rail, you will not be faced with all the ball bearings falling out. From experience,  this advantage can also significantly aid in the final assembly.


Typical Guide applications include;

  • Grinders
  • CNC Lathes
  • Machining centres
  • Precision milling
  • Automation technology
  • Transportation technology
  • Measuring applications
  • Machines that require a high level of positional accuracy

ABSSAC also offers the advantage of supplying lightly pre-loaded heavy duty or extra heavy duty guide models to suit individual applications. When compared to other slide mechanisms such as dovetail slides, efficiency is far greater. The linear guides can carry loads in both horizontal and vertical directions. Please also note that the rails are pre-drilled for ease of fitting and can be delivered cut to your desired length at no extra cost. Please note that all guides come with dust proofing seals at each end, when the application environment requires it.

ABSSAC offers a complete range of rails and carriages in Stainless Steel. Why not set us the linear challenge.

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