Helix Linear Technologies, is now in our DNA

Friday 1st December 2017
Helix Linear Technologies, is now in our DNA
January 2018 - ABSSAC secures the agreement to distribute the innovative products of  Helix Linear Technologies of the USA. Helix Linear focuses on engineering and manufacturing lead screws and linear actuators into the global market of linear motion technologies.   With innovative design, engineering, and manufacturing of precision linear motion and power transmission systems,  the agreement between ABSSAC and Helix Linear is a winning combination for the future. With nearly 50 years of application experience,  the Helix Linear company focuses on engineering success, through its customers,  into a wide range of markets. 
Simon Cattle, Managing Director of ABSSAC said,  "The demand for linear products is set to increase into the future and Helix Linear is the right long term partner for ABSSAC in terms of expertise, pedigree and technical ability". " The future is exciting".
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