Dynamic Lead screw supplier

Saturday 1st September 2007
Dynamic Lead screw supplier

Are you looking for a lead screw supplier that can produce exactly what you want ? Or perhaps you have an old acme screw that needs replacing but have no technical drawing specifications to work from.  Abssac can help.

The company has expanded its lead screw ranges further incorporating the machining facility to supply any type of thread form that you may require. Most common thread forms are the acme or trapezoidal but Abssac can also supply multi-start or special thread profile requirements. The company can also supply auger mixing screws and self reversing screw formats.  In addition to the range of lead screws a complete range of plastic, steel or bronze nuts are available, which are tapped and matched to the screw supplied.

The leadscrews can be supplied in a machined, rolled or whirled format, using steel, stainless steel or in some cases aluminium or bronze.

Combine this with the ability to offer further journal end machining, gun drilling, screw hardening and special coating treatments give Abssac the competitive edge.

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