The low friction within ball screw designs means that a high mechanical efficiency is delivered compared to that of lead screw designs. A typical ball screw may be 90 percent efficient, versus 50 percent efficiency of a lead screw of equal size. Ball screw specification is often a result of an applications requirement to have smooth, accurate and repeatable linear movement. A recent application for Abssac specified a precision ball screw within an electronic microscope that placed a precision guillotine against test pharmaceutical materials.

Matching leads in right handed and left handed lead screw formats.

Lead screws supplied in both a right handed and left handed thread format can readily be supplied by Abssac limited. A redesigned food packaging machine was originally using the opposing screws to operate a high speed gripper in a machine that hot plastic foil sealed, ready to cook meals for a leading supermarket. Since the machine operated within a food grade environment meant there could be no lubrication with the system, which contributed to the premature failure of the nuts after only 50,000 cycles.

Choosing the correct nut for the lead screw,  need not be a headache. We have standard nut designs to suit most applications and when you want a nut to incorporate some special form of attachment or load we can also help.

Primarily we use Delrin as our base material for the plastic nuts. Delrin is an acetal resin engineering plastic and is often used as a metal substitute. Delrin is lightweight, has a low coefficient of friction, is extremely wear-resistant and capable of operating in temperatures in excess of 90 degrees Celsius (approx 200 degrees Fahrenheit).

Satellite roller screws are precision linear devices, that accurately transform rotary movement into a linear movement. The first patent for a roller screw was recorded in 1949 by the inventor Mr Bruno Standgren, which was an adaptation of a friction less bearing design patented back in 1939 by Mr Oscar and Stewart  McCurdy.

In essence the idea was to convert the rotation of a threaded bar into an accurate linear motion via a series of timed and captivated roller bearings within a nut housing.

A traditional lead screw and nut combination requires the driven screw to change its direction of rotation to enable the nut to return to its original start position. However, in certain applications, it may be advantageous to maintain a single direction of rotation of the screw but still have the nut return to the start position.

At Abssac, we concentrate on the flanged mount and square mount versions of linear guides.

These items are in stock and have proven to be the best linear guide solution when teamed up with any of our  ball and  lead screw products. Dimensional data for these models can be accessed by the buttons above but we do encourage you to contact our knowledgeable sales team who can help you with the right selection..

By primarily using a four ball path design, within the slide, allows the guides to accept up to 30% more load and up to 30% stiffer than similar products in the market.

The latest range of  low-cost  precision quality thrust and radial bearing units from Abssac are ideally suited for lead screw and ball screw  applications.

The complete thrust bearing kits contain the bearing housing, bearing set, cover, spacer, seal, locknut and set screw. We have Invested in large stocks which gives Abssac the advantage to  supply same or next day pillow block and flange mounted bearing types that are interchangeable with leading brands at  very competitive prices.

Machined from high grade EN8 steel in diameters of 14mm to 54mm as standard and supplied in lengths up to 3 metres enables us to supply into the most high load and long life expectancy linear applications.

The splined shafts are complimented by a range of matched phosphor bronze flange nuts’ which are supplied complete with PCD arranged attachment holes. The product has a keen market price, fast delivery and ISO9001 assurance to give the product a competitive edge.

Abssac has recently supplied one of the largest splined shafts to date.

Our machining capability gives you a high journal concentricity product and can be applied to all screws regardless of diameter.

Lets work together to reduce your scrap rates and supply ball and leadscrew solutions that fit your application every time. We can work directly from your dimensional drawings or if they do not exist, why not supply us with a physical sample for us to copy.


With all of our customers, Abssac strives to keep them happy. When it comes to Lead Screws for medium to heavy duty industrial applications, Abssac is the place to come for fast delivery, keen prices and knowledgeable sales staff . All our screws are complimented with a large selection of industry standard Bronze and Steel nut designs.

So if you are a user of leads screws, give us a call to see how we can make you happy....

Linear Products

ABSSAC is an established supplier of lead screws, acme thread, ball screws and satellite roller screws. We have been assisting engineers to specify the correct linear products for their applications for well over 35 years. Our fast turnaround machine shop can supply end journals that are ready to fit directly into your application and help reduce your scrap rates. Abssac is also the home of the self reversing screw.

Let us help you find the right product for the right price, including support bearings, racks and splines and other related ancillary products.  Just click on the icons for further information on our individual linear product ranges.

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