When we look at custom or specialist shaft couplings, it is important to remember that it does not always mean a custom price; it can sometimes mean a cost saving. When looking at Flexible Solutions - Flexible Couplings - Flexured U-Joints, one of the greatest advantages of the Helical Shaft coupling product is the ease in which it can be adapted from a standard and into a cost effective, multi-functional bespoke design. It is the perfect solution where flexibility is required for critical applications.

The precision coupling for an extreme shaft offset in a small D.B.S.E. (distance between shaft ends) 

The Schmidt coupling offsets like no other coupling. Many engineers come across the familiar problem of shaft misalignments within driven shaft applications. In some cases the parallel offset of the shafts are above and beyond the capabilities of standard shaft couplings and can often result in punitive drive shaft length, or elaborate mechanical solutions to move driver and driven shafts in unison, to overcome the offset.

The next time you require a spring in a critical or high duty cycle environment, the machined spring from may be the answer to your design problems. The product is machined to meet exact customer size and performance requirement. Machined springs are a formidable package and for those engineers familiar with the traditional wound spring format we are offering a new way of looking at both performance and attachment. As the name suggests, we supply a spring that is machined from one piece of material.

Pascal discovered the principle. ETP put it to work!

In short we are able to offer customised solutions in co-operation with OEM’s and we look forward to turning your clamping challenges into innovative and reliable solutions. As part of a continuous development programme, ETP products are utilised and adapted to be a legitimate advantage in bespoke applications. Using the wealth of product knowledge  and expert engineering  knowledge has resulted in the integration of the ETP product principle into many new and interesting applications.

The Carbon Composite Bellows™ Spring (CCBS) is a system of carbon fibre elements that combine to work as a high performance, light weight and design flexible compression spring. Meant to replace conventional coil springs or metallic Belleville disc springs by offering value through unique dynamic characteristics and unparalleled in-the-field design flexibility, the Carbon Composite Bellows Spring offers new solutions to old challenges. 

A functional spring is made from several individual elements, paired in sets and joined to make a stack.

Satellite roller screws are precision linear devices, that accurately transform rotary movement into a linear movement. The first patent for a roller screw was recorded in 1949 by the inventor Mr Bruno Standgren, which was an adaptation of a friction less bearing design patented back in 1939 by Mr Oscar and Stewart  McCurdy.

In essence the idea was to convert the rotation of a threaded bar into an accurate linear motion via a series of timed and captivated roller bearings within a nut housing.

We teamed up with the Curtis range of machined universal joints some decades ago for specialist applications. The CURTIS product is not manufactured using a casting method, but is machined from solid material for precision, reliability and design flexibility.

Up to 35 degrees (70 degrees on double joints) of angular offset and bore diameters from 2mm to 60mm as standard. Many applications require corrosion resistant universal joints to assure sanitation or to avoid premature oxidation or deterioration.

Sometimes an application can benefit from a little flexibility. That flexibility may also be needed at a post design stage, which can then not be placed within the system without major changes to the original design. This is where we can help.

One of the greatest advantages of the specialist flexure beam product is in its ability to adapt into applications where simply others can not follow. Using the advanced and unique solution we can help by actually generating the flexure into your part and adding a predetermined flexibility.

As the sole United Kingdom distributor for Servometer©, Abssac can supply quality-crafted edge welded bellows.

In 2007, Servometer acquired BellowsTech, LLC.  BellowsTech is a premier manufacturer of edge welded bellows and assemblies, encompassing a wide array of alloys and dimensional configurations. BellowsTech and Servometer have a synergistic relationship to offer customers solutions and Abssac is proud to be part of that team. The technologies complement each other in size, compatibility, pressure and temperature limitations without sacrificing performance.

Servometer© electroforms are a formidable product package.

As the sole United Kingdom distributor, Abssac can supply  quality-crafted bellows, couplings, electroforms, and electrical contacts. For those engineers familiar with the traditional electroforming process we are offering a new way of looking at both complexity of shape, wall thickness tolerance, integral strength and capability. 

The process begins with a piece of aluminium stock or bar. Next the internal geometry of the electroform is machined into the aluminium to produce a mandrel.

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The Schmidt-Kupplung is a compact, torsionally stiff performance shaft coupling that compensates for large and variable parallel shaft offset without side loads during operation. Through its modular construction both torque transmission and radial offset capacity can be optimised for each application. So if you are a mechanical design engineer, don‘t reinvent the wheel and let us broaden your shaft coupling knowledge capability. Just give us a call to see how we can help with your drive shaft connection.

Specialist Products

If you are stretching the boundaries of engineering design and require some form of rotary or linear solution we can help. For example, if you use traditional wound springs, but require more accurate performance, the machined spring alternative might be of interest. Alternatively if you are looking for bespoke metallic shapes that cannot be supplied by traditional machining methods, the electro deposition products might suit your requirements.

Do you have a large parallel shaft offset and small DBSE within your application? Then the unique Schmidt coupling designs can be a solution.   If you have a large load to move in a linear direction, but are limited by physical space, then the satellite roller screw is worth investigating. We are passionate about the products we supply and employ the traditional hands on approach to everything we do, which after all, is the building block of engineering. All products are delivered to ISO9001 assurance.

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