The perfect solution for test rig set up

Serving the global original equipment manufacturer and independent aftermarket sectors of the automotive and light truck markets.ABSSAC has had strategic position in the supply of linear and rotary equipment into test rigs at many automotive plants. Whether testing vehicle engine performance by connecting dynanometers with zerobacklash shaft couplings or the linear movement of air baffles in wind tunnels ABSSAC has provided dynamic connection solutions.

Performance built to last

Our manufacturing processes incorporate the most advanced, computer-based setup techniques and materials in the industry. We also utilise state-of-the-art performance simulation and testing equipment to ensure durable, reliable, and repeatable performance. As a result, we make lighter, more cost-efficient products that deliver lasting value.

The driving force behind everything we do is innovation

All of our products are manufactured  to specified international standards. By investing in simulation alternatives prior to the release of the final design, we’re able to provide solutions to your biggest competitive challenges. If you need assistance with design, engineering, prototyping, or custom solutions, we’re here for you from start to finish. Our aim is to meet your expectations in quality, performance, and delivery – every time.



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Products that accurately and reliably  move in a linear motion

Ball Screws Ground

Ball Screw Rolled

Ball Screw Transport

Leadscrew and Nuts Precision

Leadscrew and Nuts for Power

Lead Screw and Nuts, High Helix angle

Satellite Roller Screws

Self-Reversing Screws

Linear Guides & Rails

Support Bearings for lead, ball and roller screws

Splined Shafts

End Machining of screws for bearings

Products that effectively connect and  transmit rotary  motion

ETP hub shaft product

Budgetbeam shaft couplings

Jaw style shaft couplings

Sureflex for pumps to motor connection

Schmidt Offset Coupling

Rigid solid couplings



Flexible Disc high torque shaft couplings

Helical beam couplings 

Universal Joints

X Slot shaft couplings

Metal Bellows flexible shaft couplings

Take a standard product and tweak it...

Custom Lead Screws & Nuts - machined 

Custom Shaft Couplings - 90 degree angular offset in one piece

Schmidt Offset Coupling - large parallel offset of shaft in a small DBSE

Machined springs - springs made from solid with precise linear spring rates

Electroforms - Unique metallic shapes and devices that cannot be made by machining   

ETP Hydraulic bushes - Quick, unique, precise hub and shaft connection

Carbon Composite - Bellville washer springs, light, accurate, tuneable

Satellite Roller Screws - 5 time the load of any equivalent ball screw with incredible accuracy

Edge welded bellows

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