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Why use ABSSAC

With a remarkable track record spanning more than 40 years, ABSSAC stands as a testament to steadfast dedication in the aerospace sector. This extensive duration of engagement signifies a profound understanding of the industry's intricacies, standards, and evolving challenges. ABSSAC has been a trusted partner in the aerospace industry, providing mission-critical components with custom design and manufacturing capabilities. Our products have made a difference in numerous successful applications, protected by non-disclosure agreements. Customers value our extensive product knowledge and benefit from our JOSCAR register approval. Experience excellence in aerospace power transmission with ABSSAC.

Reasons to Choose ABSSAC:

Experience and Credibility: Boasting an illustrious history spanning over 40 years, ABSSAC exudes profound experience within the aerospace sector. Our long-standing presence attests to a deep comprehension of industry intricacies, engendering credibility and reliability.

Tailored Design and Impeccable Manufactured product: The aerospace domain necessitates precision and customization. ABSSAC stands poised to fulfill these exacting requisites by offering bespoke design and manufacturing solutions, thereby ensuring optimal performance and precision-matched outcomes.

Integral Role in Mission-Critical Endeavors: ABSSAC's offerings occupy an indispensable niche within the aerospace arena—encompassing mission-critical components. Our products are not merely auxiliary; they are the linchpins upon which successful missions hinge, exemplifying our commitment to elevating aerospace achievements.

Confidentiality Anchored by Non-Disclosure Agreements: We recognize the confidential nature of aerospace projects. ABSSAC's steadfast adherence to non-disclosure agreements underscores our dedication to safeguarding proprietary information and intellectual property.

Depth of Product Knowledge: Navigating the complexities of aerospace technology mandates an intricate understanding of products and their applications. ABSSAC's deep reservoir of product knowledge equips us to provide erudite guidance and solutions, assuring clients of our prowess.

JOSCAR Register Approval: ABSSAC proudly boasts approval within the JOSCAR register—an esteemed validation in the aerospace, defense, and security sectors. This coveted endorsement underscores our unwavering commitment to adhering to stringent industry standards.


Something Ingenious – A spring machined from a solid piece of material

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The machined spring product supplied by ABSSAC has had tremendous success in fuel delivery systems in a number of commercial airline manufacturers as well as being involved in maintenance equipment and UAV applications. Offering a worldwide unique product ABSSAC supplies a precision spring that is actually machined from a solid piece of material. Linear spring rates, choices of material and complete flexibility on how you physically attach the spring to the application are some of the advantages this brings. The current successful Mars Curiosity program integrated springs and couplings into their critical designs where legitimate advantages of performance were fully taken advantage of. Because the products are commonly specified in mission critical components, everything is done to meet the rigorous system safety and performance standards of organisations such as the FAA, DoD, and NASA. To create custom springs the Quality Management System (QMS) AS9100 and ISO9001 can be applied – international standards that the Aircraft, Space, and Defence (AS&D) industry as well as the civil and military aviation industries rely on for quality management, safety, and reliability. Importantly we are also familiar with ITAR and highly experienced in working with DFARS materials.

Aerospace applications success include:

    • Flight Control Components
    • Position Feedback
    • Actuator Valve Springs
    • Landing Gear
    • Fuel Pressure Controller
    • Thermal Vision Systems
    • Braking Systems
    • Ground Support Equipment
    • Wind tunnels
    • In flight refuelling 

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  • Success in Aerospace
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