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In the 35 years plus, that we have been trading, we have been involved with a multitude of applications in the aerospace industry. Many successful applications have gone unreported, protected by non-disclosure agreements, but all at ABSSAC know that our products have often made the difference between application success and failure. ABSSAC also has the experience to maintain export control documentation and protect these designs. Utilising custom design and manufacturing capabilities, we continue to set a new standard in mission critical components. We also continue to have great success in supplying into research and development projects where our innovative product line up and advanced engineering capability can offer a unique solution for your application. ABSSAC holds preferred supplier status to British Aerospace Plc and the Curtis Wright Corporation to give you an idea of our pedigree.

Custom design and manufacturing for the most mission critical applications - To date ABSSAC has been involved with components for engines, flight controls, propulsion, landing gear, test rigs, wind tunnels, interiors, avionics as well as being placed within the most advanced space exploration vehicles. As an expert provider of custom-focused manufacturing solutions, we are completely dedicated to on-time delivery of quality, cost-effective parts.

Innovation and advanced engineering 

The depth of experience of our technical team helps deliver rapid response times for both large run orders and difficult designs. Taking pride in the close contact we have with our customers, their demands are met with exact specifications and the highest standards for reliability and quality. We come through with advanced manufacturing techniques and processes that yield unrivalled innovation.

Something Innovative - All the performance, less weight

Our latest aerospace creation functions like a spring, but doesn't look like one at all. It’s a lightweight, stackable Bellville washer set made of carbon fibre and took 18 months to develop. To achieve just the right spring rate and deflection for an application, you simply add or remove washers from the stack. The standard assembly weighs up to half as much as a Titanium spring, but delivers all the performance for less cost. The unique design, pricing, and lightweight construction give this spring the potential to be a true game changer in the aerospace market.

Something you cannot achieve by machining

Pushing the boundaries of the products, has required the development and manufacture of critical specs and high performance parameters with zero margins for error. For example the Servometer® product. Servometer assemblies have appeared in all NASA Space Shuttles and several military fighter jets as well as newer models currently in development. The bellows and assemblies are used in a variety of ways in aerospace applications but each product delivered comes with inherent reliability and quality. The Servometer® product offers lightweight construction, extreme temperature capability and small sizes just to name a few of the product advantages.

Something Ingenious – A spring machined from a solid piece of material

The Helical machined spring product supplied by ABSSAC has had tremendous success in fuel delivery systems in a number of commercial airline manufacturers as well as being involved in maintenance equipment and UAV applications. Offering a worldwide unique product ABSSAC supplies a precision spring that is actually machined from a solid piece of material. Linear spring rates, choices of material and complete flexibility on how you physically attach the spring to the application are some of the advantages this brings. The current successful Mars Curiosity program integrated helical springs and couplings into their critical designs where legitimate advantages of performance were fully taken advantage of. Because the products are commonly specified in mission critical components, everything is done to meet the rigorous system safety and performance standards of organisations such as the FAA, DoD, and NASA. To create custom springs the Quality Management System (QMS) AS9100 and ISO9001 can be applied – international standards that the Aircraft, Space, and Defence (AS&D) industry as well as the civil and military aviation industries rely on for quality management, safety, and reliability. Importantly we are also familiar with ITAR and highly experienced in working with DFARS materials.

Aerospace applications ABSSAC has had success with include:

    • Flight Control Components
    • Position Feedback
    • Actuator Valve Springs
    • Landing Gear
    • Fuel Pressure Controller
    • Thermal Vision Systems
    • Braking Systems
    • Ground Support Equipment
    • Wind tunnels
    • In flight refuelling 

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Products that accurately and reliably  move in a linear motion

Ball Screws Ground

Ball Screw Rolled

Ball Screw Transport

Leadscrew and Nuts Precision

Leadscrew and Nuts for Power

Lead Screw and Nuts, High Helix angle

Satellite Roller Screws

Self-Reversing Screws

Linear Guides & Rails

Support Bearings for lead, ball and roller screws

Splined Shafts

End Machining of screws for bearings

Products that effectively connect and  transmit rotary  motion

ETP hub shaft product

Budgetbeam shaft couplings

Jaw style shaft couplings

Sureflex for pumps to motor connection

Schmidt Offset Coupling

Rigid solid couplings



Flexible Disc high torque shaft couplings

Helical beam couplings 

Universal Joints

X Slot shaft couplings

Metal Bellows flexible shaft couplings

Take a standard product and tweak it...

Custom Lead Screws & Nuts - machined 

Custom Shaft Couplings - 90 degree angular offset in one piece

Schmidt Offset Coupling - large parallel offset of shaft in a small DBSE

Machined springs - springs made from solid with precise linear spring rates

Electroforms - Unique metallic shapes and devices that cannot be made by machining   

ETP Hydraulic bushes - Quick, unique, precise hub and shaft connection

Carbon Composite - Bellville washer springs, light, accurate, tuneable

Satellite Roller Screws - 5 time the load of any equivalent ball screw with incredible accuracy

Edge welded bellows

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