A low cost flexible shaft coupling addressing the requirement for a high torsional stiffness, low cost, zero backlash, single piece construction, beam style flexible shaft coupling.

To achieve these extraordinary parameters, the budgetbeam shaft coupling utilises a very efficient helical beam configuration. The new Budgetbeam shaft coupling provides zero backlash and constant velocity torque transmission characteristics with excellent performance and reliability. Additionally, low radial bearing loads and low inertia are also advantages of the new design.

Utilising well over 3 decades of beam coupling manufacturing experience, the new Budgetbeam shaft coupling has been specifically designed to excel at delivering high torsional stiffness, through a high degree of angular and axial shaft movement even at high rpm. Manufactured from low inertia aluminium and available in set screw or unique integral clamp shaft configuration, the budgetbeam has four basic sizes catering for shaft sizes from 3mm to 12mm.

As standard all Budgetbeam models compensate for the three major shaft misalignments of angular, parallel and skewed offsets unlike lesser shaft couplings. Maximum rpm is rated at 10,000rpm as standard. Ideal applications include encoder, resolver, stepper motor and small electric motor axis drives. Most importantly, by employing new production techniques allows the Budgetbeam to offer all these advantages at an extremely competitive price.

The Budgetbeam is designed to go head to head with other beam, bellows or x-slot shaft coupling designs on performance, price and delivery. All budgetbeam products are also quality assured by the latest BS EN ISO9001: 2000 standard.

Budgetbeam Shaft Couplings


  • MATERIAL: Aluminium Alloy
  • FINISH: Anodised
  • PARALLEL OFFSET 0.15mm (0.30mm T.I.R)
  • AXIAL MOTION: +/- 0.15mm
  • Ideal for encoder, resolver use
  • Ideal for smaller servo motor use

The Budgetbeam will always be in stock due to a continuous stocking regime.

Just call the Budgetbeam sales team on 01386 421005 for product assistance

Key product advantages

  • Very competitive price
  • Always in stock - same day or next day delivery on all sizes
  • Very high quality from the originators of the product design
  • Integral clamp and set screw attachment styles as standard
  • High torsional stiffness for positional accuracy
  • Zero backlash torque transmission
  • Constant velocity and zero vibration when offset
  • High fatigue resistance-low radial loads
  • Low bearing loads
  • Bi-directional torque transmission
  • Internal bore relief as standard
  • A very reliable, fit and forget shaft coupling

Type ABC Clamp Attachment


Part NumberBore Combinations (mm)Bore .05mm/-0.00 A1Bore .05mm/-0.00 A2Torque (Nm)Torsional Stiffness (deg/Nm)Inertia (kgcmsec2) (10E-7)Weight (g)Outer Diameter (mm)L (mm)A (mm) B (mm) Screw SizeScrew Torque (Nm)
ABC2M050 3mm-3mm3mm-3mm3mm3mm0.693.212.65.812.719.1 3.32.3 M1.60.4
ABC2M075 4mm-4mm4mm-4mm4mm4mm2.01.074.41519.122.9 6.4 3.1M2.51.3
ABC2M075 5mm-5mm5mm-5mm5mm5mm1.91.374.41519.122.9 6.4 3.1M2.51.3
ABC2M075 6mm-6mm6mm-6mm6mm6mm1.81.874.41519.122.9 6.4 3.1M2.51.3
ABC2M100 10mm-10mm10mm-10mm10mm10mm3.81.13333825.431.8 7.9 3.8M32.5
ABC2M100 6mm-6mm6mm-6mm6mm6mm4.90.463333825.431.8 7.9 3.8M32.5
ABC2M100 8mm-8mm8mm-8mm8mm8mm4.50.683333825.431.8 7.9 3.8M32.5
ABC2M112 10mm-10mm10mm-10mm10mm10mm6.60.516266528.638.1 11.4 3.8M32.5
ABC2M112 12mm-12mm12mm-12mm12mm12mm5.60.776265428.638.1 11.4 3.8M32.5

Type ABS - Set Screw Attachment


Part NumberBore Combinations (mm)Bore .05mm/-0.00 A1Bore .05mm/-0.00 A2Torque (Nm)Torsional Stiffness (deg/Nm)Inertia (kgcmsec2) (10E-7)Weight (g)Outer Diameter (mm)L (mm)A (mm) B (mm) Screw SizeScrew Torque (Nm)
ABS2M050 3mm-3mm3mm-3mm3mm3mm0.693.28.03.712.712.7 3.3 1.8M2.50.6
ABS2M075 4mm-4mm4mm-4mm4mm4mm2.01.060.41319.119.1 4.6 2.5M42.1
ABS2M075 5mm-5mm5mm-5mm5mm5mm1.91.360.41319.119.1 4.6 2.5M42.1
ABS2M075 6mm-6mm6mm-6mm6mm6mm1.81.860.41319.119.1 4.6 2.5M42.1
ABS2M100 10mm-10mm10mm-10mm10mm10mm3.81.12593025.425.4 6.6 4.1M54.7
ABS2M100 6mm-6mm6mm-6mm6mm6mm4.90.462593025.425.4 6.6 4.1M54.7
ABS2M100 8mm-8mm8mm-8mm8mm8mm4.50.682593025.425.4 6.6 4.1M54.7
ABS2M112 10mm-10mm10mm-10mm10mm10mm6.60.514523928.628.6 7.1 3.6M67.7
ABS2M112 12mm-12mm12mm-12mm12mm12mm5.60.74523928.628.6 7.1 3.6M67.7


Bore reducers

Require different bore sizes other than straight through bores ? Use our range of bore reducers.

For example, take the ABS2M100 10mm-10mm model in combination with a BR257-6mm bore reducer, to get the bore combination 10mm-6mm



Bore Reducer Part NumberOD (mm)L (mm)Nominal bore to reduce from (mm)Reduce the nominal bore to one of the reduced bore options below
BR25485.88 *******   
BR25588.18 *******   
BR257108.110    *******


Minor Diameter = +0.03/-0mm


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