• RVI Series Inverted Satellite Roller Screws

RVI Series Inverted Satellite Roller Screws

The RVI Series is based on the same mechanism as the RV design, however the rollers do not move along the shaft, stroke is instead travelled within a longer nut.

This design enables high load capacity ratings with smaller leads, which reduces the driving torque, optimizes compactness, and makes direct guiding of the shaft possible.

RVI Series Satellite Roller ScrewsRVI satellite roller screws work on the same principle as RV and HRV screws except the nut system is reversed. This means the rollers themselves rotate around the screw (instead of the nut in RV and HRV screws) and move axially within the nut. This can be best realised as a piston type actuation.

Apart from the screw threading where the rollers orbit, the screw journal is without thread and therefore can be machined to any shape or form to suit the application. With the RVI design the physical nut length is in fact the stroke length and therefore are longer than the RV and HRV nuts designs.

Standard sizes available: