• RVD Series Differential Satellite Roller Screws

RVD Series Differential Satellite Roller Screws

The RVD Differential Satellite Roller Screw is ideal for high precision applications where a high level of accuracy is needed. It’s specifically designed and adjusted components allow extremely fine leads down to 0.05mm.

Due to these very fine leads, available strokes are relatively smaller than other ranges and are normally restricted to the length of the nut housing. The RVD roller screws require very high manufacturing accuracy to ensure the highest possible quality standard. Exceptional accuracy, extremely low leads and absolute finite positioning are key characteristics of the RVD series.

RVD Series Satellite Roller ScrewsThe RVD Series is a variant of the RV Series. Using the same technology and similar components, the ratios between nut rollers and screw thread are expertly calculated and adjusted, to deliver extremely fine threads or even zero. Due to the complexity of the design, the nuts are slightly larger than the RV and HRV types.

Also available within this series is the Planetary roller screws system, with smaller leads compared to ball screws. With roller screws the lead is a function of the pitch and so the lead can be very small (0.5mm and even less). The lead can be chosen and supplied without any geometrical changes of both the screw shaft and the nut body. In a ball screw the lead is limited by the dimension (Outside Diameter) of the bearing ball, which is a standard feature.

Standard sizes available:

Screw Diameter (mm)Lead (mm)Dynamic Load Capacity (kN)
129.0 - 18.0
1512.2 - 24.9
1818.7 - 37.8
2125.7 - 52.2
2535.1 - 70.9
2738.7 - 78.6
3046.8 - 94.9
3342.7 - 86.7
3645.4 - 92.1
3967.2 - 127.4


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