• RV Series Satellite Roller Screws

RV Series Satellite Roller Screws

The RV Series Satellite Roller Screw is a high precision and robust assembly. The satellite rollers do not recirculate, which enables a very stable driving torque. The screw can be used under very high speed and acceleration, with the mechanism being able to reach up to twice the rotational speed of a ball screw. RV satellite roller screws also have very high load capacity ratings which also lead to an extended and reliable life cycle.

The RV Series is available in a single nut configuration, or a double or split nut configuration if internal preload is required.

RV Series Satellite Roller ScrewsThe main elements of RV satellite roller screws are the screw, the nut and satellite rollers. They primarily have multiple-start thread formats. The angle between the flanks is 90° and the profile is triangular. The nut has an internal thread identical to that of the screw. The rollers have a single-start thread with an angle the same as that of the nut. This ensures there is no axial movement between the nut and the rollers. The rollers do not therefore need to be recycled.

The flanks of the roller thread are convex. At each end of the rollers there is a cylindrical pivot and gear teeth. The pivots are mounted in the holes of the end rings, thus ensuring the rollers are equidistant. The end rings are floated in the nut body and axially secured with circlips. The gear teeth engage in gear wheels fixed in the nut. This guides the rollers parallel to the axis to ensure perfect functioning.

Standard sizes available: