Step Flex

Step-Flex shaft coupling - A flexible shaft coupling designed specifically to combat vibration and resonance in stepper and servo motors applications. 
One of the latest products in the range of flexible shaft couplings from Miki Pulley, the Step-Flex is an all-rounder, providing very high resonance damping performance through an advanced and innovative laminated rubber element. With low restoring forces during operation, the Step-Flex shaft coupling dampens vibration more effectively than flexible couplings that use metal in their intermediate elements. It innovative design enables resonance to be mitigated over a wide range of operating speeds whilst delivering stable high-speed control, with zero backlash.
The Step-Flex features an innovative combination of an HNBR (black) rubber element flanked by smaller, softer laminated (green) spacers. This unique design quickly dampens oscillations, thereby suppressing the inherent resonance within the system and additionally eliminates the need for feedback loop controls. The machined aluminium hubs offer a low moment of inertia, and are available as standard in clamp style bores to suit bore sizes from 3mm up to 30mm.

Legacy Product

This product is part of our legacy range.


The latest product in the range of flexible shaft couplings. The series is a complete allrounder providing very high resonance damping performance, through innovative design. The product is ideal for stepper and servomotor connection.


  • Zero backlash
  • High flexibility
  • RoHS-compliant
  • 0.5 to 12 Nm
  • High damping factor
  • Step Flex
  • Step flex design is simple but effective
    Step flex design is simple but effective


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