• 121 Models Clutches and Brakes

121 Models

121 - 20G type

121- â—» -20G typeThe service-friendly combination

The model 121 has an external clutch and brake. This facilitates the service friendliness of this unit. It has a separate shaft system combined in a lightweight aluminum housing. The input shaft rotates constantly, the output shaft can be clocked arbitrarily. This model is available as desired with a steel or cast plate as a mounting base. Further advantages are the ease of installation and long service life.


  • From 5Nm to 350Nm
  • Aluminum casing
  • Backlash free
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Long service life and service friendliness

121-10G Types (Double clutches)

These share the same basic structure as the 121-[ ]-20 type clutch/brake units. They are double-clutch units that have a through-shaft structure and place clutches (101-[ ]-15 types) at both ends of the drum.The hub may be used as the input for two-stage speed-change/forward-reverse operation, or the shaft may be used as the input for power distribution or the like. Select the input method that works best for you. Just as with the 121-[ ]-20, the construction holds up well under radial loads due to a wide bearing span, so it can be used under high tension when mounted with V pulleys, spur gears or the like.

Clutch torque
5 N・m to 320 N・m
Operating temperature
-10°C to 40°C
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