• Custom Ball Screws

Custom Ball Screws

Ball screws are available in all matter of diameters and pitches and for 99.9% of applications a slight adaptation to a standard program can satisfy that demand. However, with well over three decades of supplying ball screws, occasionally a new design is required. This demand can be driven by application parameters such as a unique speed, a high duty cycle or even an unusual loading characteristic. Perhaps a special fixing of the nut design or even a different material requirement can require an out of the box solution.

If you are stretching the boundaries of engineering design and require some form of linear solution ABSSAC may be able to help.

By taking a standard product and simply adapting it to suit specific applications can give customers a unique advantage within their machine design. Here are a few examples of where we have assited in machine design and the placement of bespoke ball screw designs. Some applications have required the reverse engineering of a provided sample, some applications have required a unique design to suit specific application requirement. In both scenarios our engineers have used their experience in the successful placement of product. Let our engineers work with you to find a cost effective solution

Black chromium surface treatment aids ball screws corrosion resistance.

Recently a customer requested that the ball screws and nuts supplied were finished in electro-deposited black chromium.  The 1 to 2 micron surface treatment does not affect the accuracy of the ball screw but enhances its long term corrosion resistance. When supplying this surface finish, both the screw and nut body would be black chromium  and then used in conjunction with stainless steel ball bearings.

Bespoke ball screw design increases MTBS

During a recent design brief with one of our packaging machinery customers, a new range of machines were being designed with exceptionally long MTBS. (mean time between service). In fact, the machines unique selling point was to be its reliability and long service intervals. The ball screw to be used would also provide the primary linear movement required within the design, so was a critical part of the design guarantee. Typically our ball screws are rated for millions of mm’s of travel at the rated dynamic load. This is the load at which 90% of a group of identical ball screws will run without flaking for their lifetime. However, they will travel farther than this at lower limits. These load-life relationships are analogous to the B10 rating common in the ball bearing industry. The relationship of load to life is an inverse cube relation. For example, by reducing the customers load by half would increase the life by eight times. (Conversely doubling the load would decrease life by 1/8). An adaptation of an existing ball screw design, quickly satisfied this customers requirements.

Ball screw nut deflects and recycles nuts in end of ball screw

Our preferred precision ball screw supplier KSS of Japan has just added the new M-Thread, 15mm diameter end deflector ball screw, which can accept higher speeds and greater dynamic and static loads than its competition.  Available in both ground and rolled formats standard leads of 2.5mm, 5mm, 10mm and 20mm can be supplied. The new product is offering an accuracy grade of C3, C5 in the ground format C7 and C10 in the rolled format.









  • Custom Ball Screws
  • Ball screw, rails and guides make a perfect linear solution
    Ball screw, rails and guides make a perfect linear solution
  • Range of sizes, performances and end detail are available
    Range of sizes, performances and end detail are available
  • Precision ball screw with simple bearing unit
    Precision ball screw with simple bearing unit

Miniature ball screw Hi Res cap sorted.jpg

KSS of Japan manufactures the worlds smallest ball screw, with 1.8mm outside diameter screw

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